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Konigedition or King's Edition "In The Name Of The King" campaign scenarios taken straight from a fresh installed of the official disk, ready to play on standard Anno 1602 or Anno 1602: History Edition!

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Install Instructions:
Standard game: Simply install in your Anno 1602 folder "Sczenes" or if the folder does not have admin rightsyou can find it in "(drive installed on )C:\Users<MY USERNAME>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\ANNO 1602 (may change depending on version)\SCZENES"

History Edition: Install in "Documents\Anno 1602 History Edition\Own Scenarios"

Quick Usage:
Simply start up and see the many new scenarios in the list at the bottom, or specificially for the In The Name Of The King campaign - "im auftrag des konigs" 1-4

A little history... and the rest:
If you're like me, you've gone back to play Anno 1602 and loving the History Edition released by Ubisoft in all its splendor but find frustration that the german exclusive campaign - roughly translated to "In The Name Of the King" - was never re-released, remastered or brought over to the rest of the world. I have read that these scenarios were mostly made by fans, then approved and published by Sunflower however it still stands as a semi-official expansion pack which most of us never saw.

I did my best looking around old forums, translating things from german to english and all that lark but found no sign left of mods, files except a few that had been remade by fans but I wasn't happy until I tried to get the whole official pack. So I looked around, couldn't find an original copy of the version which includes this called King's Edition (or the german Konigsedition) and thankfully a company called Green Pepper did a re-release around 2007 and so there were some copies lying about on Ebay so I crossed my fingers and thought maybe these are somewhat playable on today's PCs, I mean the original game still kind of works, right?

Sure enough, I installed the complete german copy of King's edition, booted it up, and it worked fine though I could barely navigate the menu so I had to go one stop further. I decided to look in the game folders and found a subfolder called "szenes" and guessed that these are all the scenario files judging by the names, so I copied them over to the same "szenes" folder in my copy of Anno 1602 History Edition via Uplay... And as luck would have it, it worked! Safe to say I was and am elated that this little piece of long lost content is playable and on the History Edition as well. The scenario names and description are in german, but gameplay wise everything is the same as it was with whatever language you're running.

So after this long boring story, I thought maybe there is 1 or 2 other crazy people like me who feel like they're missing out and might not have done the same thing I did, so I've uploaded it here as I'm going to say it's probably freeware at this point as Ubi themselves let the game go for free on it's 20th anniversary and this doesn't include game files itself, only the custom scenarios made by fans many eons ago, packaged and published by Sunflower exclusively for the german market which I purchased from someone presumably having it gather dust.

P.S If any of the original creators see this thank you for making more of this still very much wonderful game and credit goes entirely to you! I just can't stand seeing good things go to waste and disappear into the void that is the endless march of time itself.

I hope you enjoy, and if you do feel free to give this a vote or endorse or just write a comment saying "Mega" either way thank you and "Auf Wiedersehen" :D