Animal Revolt Battle Simulator
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This mod will make a Minotaur's Axe 3 times bigger. The power and health is also increased.

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The mod increases the Axe size of the minotaur.

Steps to install the mod:

1. Install Unity Mod Manager (UMM):
2. In the folder where UMM is installed there is a file named UnityModManagerConfig.xml open this file with an editor (notepad, etc)
3. You will see a lot of games there, append the below content in your file before any <GameInfo> tag, and don't forget to save the changes.
    <GameInfo Name="ARBS">
        <Folder>Animal Revolt Battle Simulator</Folder>
        <GameExe>Animal Revolt Battle Simulator.exe</GameExe>
4. Open UnityModManager.exe and for Game select ARBS (which was added above), and for the Installation method DoorstopProxy. Click Install/Updated, this will create a Mods folder in the Animal Revolt Battle Simulator game folder.
5. (manual). Find where Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is installed. Download the mod in the newly Mods folder that was created and unzip the content of it there.
5. (easy). Another alternative is to use the Mods tab from  UnityModManager.exe to install the mod.
6. Open the game, a new window will appear and it will show you the list of mods that are installed

See the video below for more details.