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This mod adds four versions of the 1968 Supercharged Cummins NHS-275 engine to American Truck Simulator, with support for all vanilla trucks and a long list of modded ones too.

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This mod adds a 1968 Supercharged Cummins NHS-275 engine to the game!

About The Engine

The NHS-275 is the supercharged version of the NH-220, and is a 12L inline 6 diesel engine. It makes 275HP (205kw) and 745 lb-ft (1010 Nm) of torque. It was found in OTR trucks, Marine, Generator, and Fire Pump applications.

The supercharger is a roots style blower and is gear driven at 1.8 times the engine RPM. This supercharger was somewhat prone to failure if not maintained and driven correctly.

The 275 was nicknamed "Two-Six Bits", and was known for sometimes producing a small conical flame from the exhaust stack while under load. The distinctive sound comes from the nearly flat cam profile, which caused the valves to "pop" open and closed.

About The Mod

You will find four horsepower options for this engine in all vanilla trucks and many modded ones too.

The first one is based on official specs (as best as I could find), outputs realistic power for this engine. I highly recommend you try this version out.

1. 275HP and 745 lb-ft.

The next three versions are made-up and never really existed. These are here for people who like the way the engine sounds but don't want to give up the power they are used to.

2. 550 HP and 1,512 lb-ft.

3. 675 HP and 1,855 lb-ft.

4. 825 HP and 2,267 lb-ft.

Supported Trucks

You can now see the supported truck list for all my engine mods here: