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Star Wars Mod v2.0 is a total conversion mod for Aliens vs Predator 2 Primal Hunt. It is easily the biggest mod for AvP2 (as of time of release) and Primal Hunt (as of time of release) in that in changes nearly 5,800 files and overhauls nearly the entire look and feel of the game.

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Star Wars Mod v2.0 is a total conversion mod for Aliens vs Predator 2 Primal Hunt. It is easily the biggest mod for AvP2 (as of time of release) and Primal Hunt (as of time of release) in that in changes nearly 5,800 files and overhauls nearly the entire look and feel of the game.
The mod began as a sound and music pack, but I kept building upon it until it became the massive total conversion that it is now. The primary theme for the mod is the original trilogy and expanded universe (pre-Disney).
This mod is completely client side as there are no gameplay changes at all. This is an intentional design choice as it was made to work on any multiplayer server that isn't blocking skins, which should be 99% of them. The only exception to this rule are the multiplayer custom maps, as all players will need the maps in order to play them. These maps are already included in UMP3 for those who have it already.
Furthermore, this mod will overhaul the game in both singleplayer and multiplayer. The most dramatic change that players will immediately notice is that everything looks and sounds different. While many players will use this mod in multiplayer, I recommend replaying the single player campaigns as well for a new experience. I can guarantee that players will find new surprises in their playthroughs.

*Be sure to read the changes for the mod so you understand what's what.*


v2.0 - for Primal Hunt

A) Menus:
1) New start up images after the splash to replace to old logo images.
a) Enable logos on your Primal Hunt launcher to see these when the game boots up.
2) Dunya model on the single player menu has been swapped to be Tavion.
3) Corporate single player menu has been swapped to match the Jedi menu.
4) Updated in-game credits.
B) Huds and Interface:
1) Upgraded corporate/Sith hud.
a) New motion tracker for the Sith. It is a full circle version of the Jedi motion tracker.
b) The Sith hud has a new yellow color scheme to differentiate from the Jedi hud.

C) Sounds:

1) New character dialogue sounds and subtitles during cutscenes and gameplay. I tried to fit in dialogue that either matched the flow of the conversation or would provide some humor.
a) All dialogue changed for the following characters:
- Tavion
- Anakin Skywalker (this will appear in AvP2 campaigns)
- Darth Maul (both AvP2 and Primal Hunt campaigns)
- Stormtroopers
- Mercs
b) Dialogue of some minor characters are changed here and there as well.
- Corporate (Sith) campaign has the most changed by far.

1) New ambient sounds.
a) Artifact powered loop.
b) Predator heartbeats.
2) Blaster fight event sound at the start of the last predalien map.

1) New "HIT"/splash sounds. These might be unused, but I swapped them in case they appear in custom maps.
Weapons and Powerups
1) New pistol/blaster reload sound for the second of the dual pistols/blasters.
2) New sentry gun sounds for picking them up and putting them down.
3) New turret sounds.
D) Music:
1) Swapped all of Primal Hunt's music with Star Wars expanded universe music.
2) Replaced the main menu music with higher quality versions of the same music tracks because they are heard so often.

E) Sprite Textures:
1) Ancient predator's energy flechette has been updated.
a) Color has been changed to a pure green instead of the yellow/green of the original.
b) The blast ring of the energy flechette has been upgraded to a green electrical orb.
2) The second of the dual pistols/blasters now has a matching muzzle flare to match the original blaster.
3) Turrets have a new muzzle flare.

E) Maps:
1) Added the single player map "Primal Hunt Star Wars Standoff" by DooomGuy.

F) Worldtextures:
1) Retextured all singleplayer Primal Hunt maps.
a) Nearly all maps should appear 99% overhauled with the following exceptions:
- Alien hives remain alien hives.
- Predator ship/tech remains as is.
b) I updated some of the easter eggs on the easter egg textures.
2) Updated several computer monitors to be up to date and better match the map.
The following is a rough guide of what themes each Primal Hunt map was converted into. Note that hybrid maps are a mix of themes, some of which aren't used on other maps.

Predalien Campaign Maps

Primal Hunt MapsStar Wars Theme
BirthHive and Predator Ship/Tech
SurpriseEmpire and Vjun
EscapeEmpire and Vjun
Bounty Hunter Campaign Maps
Primal Hunt MapsStar Wars Theme
LegendHoth and Hive
StasisHive and Predator Ship/Tech
Honor and DeathEmpire and Vjun
Sith Campaign Maps
Primal Hunt MapsStar Wars Theme
Zeta SiteEmpire and Hybrid Theme
SeveranceEmpire and Vjun

G) Skins and Models:
1) Primal Hunt Dunya model swapped with Tavion.
2) Shower Dunya's face swapped with Tavion.
3) New cloak for the Predators.
a) The rainbow cloak of Primal Hunt is swapped with a blue cloak to match the cloaking device commonly seen in Star Wars content.
4) Upgraded the guard pv (first person view) hands skin to match the stormtrooper hands.
H) Vision Mode Skins:

I) Misc Changes:
1) New text in all computer terminals, pdas, memos, mission objectives (tab screen) and cutscenes.
a) All the text is changed to create a more Star Wars universe feel.
b) As an easter egg, the text references many AvP2 players.
c) These people have become "characters" in the AvP2 Star Wars universe.
d) The references of these people include:
- Posts made on the AvP2 Discord server.
- References to players who comment on my AvP2 videos and/or use my mods.
- Me poking fun at people.
- Some inside jokes of mine.
2) Whatever else I forgot to mention.

v2.0 - The original version for AvP2

A) Menus:
   1) Upgraded splash.
   2) Removed the egg and planet that was stuck on the menus in v1.0.
   3) Game version changed to "v2.0 - Special Edition"
   4) Luke Skywalker model on the singleplayer menu has had his face upgraded.
   5) New menu sounds for selecting, backing out and cursor hovering.
   6) Upgraded the predator loading screen.
   7) Updated in-game credits.

B) Huds and Interface:
1) Upgraded marine hud.
a) Motion tracker changed to look more like the radar found in many Star Wars games.
- Red blips = enemies. Green blips = objectives.
b) Knife changed to lightsaber.
c) Armor icons removed and changed to shields.
d) Health "H" icons removed and changed to an ekg heart.
e) New hacking tool, smartgun and activate/select crosshairs.
2) Totally revamped exosuit hud to match vehicle hud found in the Jedi Knight games.
a) Armor icon changed to a shield as well.
b) Energy icon changed to an energy bolt.
3) New interface screens.
a) Weyland Yutani notes and dog tags changed to Imperial notes and dog tags.
b) New map screen.
c) Plaque screen changed to a photo. I'll let you see it for yourself.
d) PDA screen changed to have a new color scheme.
e) New computer screen.

C) Sounds:

1) Upgraded and added new death and pain sounds for humans (male and female characters).
2) Removed the cowering sounds from human males.
a) These didn't make sense if the player was playing as alien, predator or corporate.
- The cower sounds are now the default whimpering/crying.
3) Replaced nearly all the human male and female npc sounds from v1.0.
a) Almost every movie sound clip is gone to make room for clean character voices.
b) Female voices are a mix of female Jedi and Sith voices.
c) Male voices are generic human voices that work better across all the various npc types.
4) New footstep sounds for humans on the following surfaces:
a) Dirt.
b) Grass.
c) Light metal.
d) Stone.
e) Wood.
5) New jump land sound.
6) Removed all alien facehugger sounds from v1.0. The default sounds work way better.
7) Predator sound upgrades.
a) Swapped the sound of the predator yell after using the medicomp to a wampa scream.
b) Swapped one predator taunt after spearing a head to a cleaner tusken raider sound.

1) New character dialogue sounds and subtitles during cutscenes and gameplay. I tried to fit in dialogue that either matched the flow of the conversation or would provide some humor.
a) All dialogue changed for the following characters:
- Luke Skywalker
- Jaden Korr
- Kyle Katarn
- Stormtroopers
- Cultists with stormtrooper helmets
- Tavion
- Mace Windu
b) Dialogue of some minor characters are changed here and there as well.
- Marine (Jedi) campaign has the most changed by far.

1) Tons of new ambient sounds.
a) Hums of the map themselves.
b) Most creepy/eerie sounds changed to sci-fi theme.
c) Hallway/ship sounds also changed to sci-fi theme.
- Ships in the distance taking off.
- Space battles.
- Mechanical work.
d) Creeking/banging.
e) Weather.
f) Computers.
g) Conveyers.
h) Electric fence.
j) Generators.
h) Jungle loop (as on dm_compound) changed to music to match Yavin IV theme.
i) River and waterfall.
2) New door sounds.
3) New alarm sounds.
4) New lift and elevator sounds.
5) New keypad, doorpad and switch sounds.

1) Changed the player respawn sound in multiplayer (invulnerable_on) from a Sith sound to a more neutral sound.
2) Changed the round end summary screen sound (summary_on) from the imperial march to a more neutral sound. This is a personal favorite of mine.
3) Removed Darth Vader breathing sound for predator vision modes because it annoyed me over time.
4) New chat sounds.
a) Typing.
b) Type back.
c) Chat receive beep.
5) New sounds for in-game multiplayer menus (F1, F3 and tab menus).
6) Upgraded sounds for clipmode and observe (freefly camera mode).
- v1.0 sounds could become annoying if frequently activated. v2.0 sounds fix that.
7) New evac game mode sounds including a new announcer.
8) New marine (Jedi) hud scrolling and ammo changing sounds.
9) New objective alert sound for singleplayer.
10) New sound for server message alerts (player changes name).
11) Fixed survivor cuthroat sound for survivor game mode. It was not playing correctly in v1.0.
12) Updated survivor tag sound with a force sound effect.

Weapons and Powerups
1) New pistol reload sound.
2) Pulse rifle firing sounds swapped to blaster firing sounds.
3) New grenade launcher sounds.
a) Firing sounds.
b) Grenade bouncing sound changed to thermal detonator bouncing sound.
c) Prox. and spider mine sounds now have thermal detonator arm and detonate sounds.
4) New flamethrower firing sound.
5) Smartgun firing sound changed to blaster (repeater) sounds.
6) New rocket launcher sounds.
a) Upgraded firing sound.
b) New seeker sound for the projectile missle. Rockets are now seekers. 
-The sound follows the seeker.
7) Upgraded the railgun firing sound.
8) Upgraded pickup/power up sounds.
a) Nets.
b) Rockets (seekers).
c) Grenades - a personal favorite.
d) Small weapon pickup.
9) Removed hacking tool select sound. AvP2 uses the same sound for deselecting the hacking tool and it got annoying.
10) Added a new hacking sound (not select but the actual sound when hacking).
11) The sound of ammo shells hitting the floor have been muted due to the guns being blasters.
12) Removed predator wristblade sound from v1.0. It didn't sound too good.
13) Upgraded predator's pistol firing sound.
14) Exosuits are now ATSTs.
a) Walking, jumping and landing sounds changed to ATST sounds.
b) Laser fire sound changed to ATST blaster fire sound.
15) Upgraded locked ammobox sound.
16) Sentry gun (turret) firing sound changed to sound like a rapid firing blaster.
17) New flyby sound.

D) Sprite Textures:
1) Evac overlay arrow changed to green to match new hud and radar.
2) Restored alien wall walk overlay arrow. v1.0 made it invisible accidentally.
3) Bullet holes changed to blaster marks on all surfaces except for glass.
a) Glass surfaces have the default cracked look.
4) Muzzle flares of pulse rifle and smartgun changed to red to better match their blasters.
5) Restored original predator disc trail as AvP2 forces it red in a client side mod. 
b) v1.0 had this broken.
6) Upgraded railgun/sniper rifle scope to have a center dot. This should help in aiming.

E) Maps:

F) Worldtextures:
1) Retextured all singleplayer and multiplayer AvP2 maps.
a) Nearly all maps should appear 99% overhauled with the following exceptions:
- Alien hives remain alien hives.
- Infested areas (areas with alien goo) remain the same.
- A few default signs remain because I had nothing else to replace them with.
- I replaced most of them though.
- A few keypad/control panels or other miscellaneous default textures remain.
- Some textures are cropped and mixed around on multiple maps.
- Changing some of these would mess things up.
- A few default textures remain because it makes no sense to change them.
b) Upgraded the skyboxes. 
- Some v1.0 skyboxes are gone.
c) There are easter eggs on some textures.
2) Primal hunt multiplayer maps will also be overhauled about 99% except for dm_predator.
3) Any custom map using default AvP2 textures will also be overhauled.
This is a small entry here in this changelog, but this makes up the majority of the changes in this mod. Keep in mind that this changes 2,200+ textures in the game alone.
The following is a rough guide of what themes each AvP2 and Primal Hunt map was converted into. Note that hybrid maps are a mix of themes, some of which aren't used on other maps.

Multiplayer Maps
AvP2 MapsStar Wars Theme
dm_aizinHybrid Theme
dm_alesserfateImperial Junction
dm_alleyImperial Alley
dm_aurigaCloud City
dm_bunkerSmuggler’s Den
dm_colonyImperial Colony
dm_compoundYavin IV
dm_depotImperial Depot
dm_dropzoneImperial Dropzone
dm_fury151Cloud City 2
dm_hangerRebel Alliance Hanger
dm_lucifersfateImperial Junction 2
dm_outpost4Yavin IV Outpost
dm_predatorN/A – Default
dm_quarantineByss Labs
dm_reservoirHybrid Theme
dm_strongholdImperial Stronghold
dm_uvajedCloud City 3
dm_verlocRebel Alliance Frigate
Alien Campaign Maps
AvP2 MapsStar Wars Theme
VengeanceEmpire and Vjun
AbductionN/A – Hive
PursuitStone and Hybrid Theme
FreedomStone and Hybrid Theme
Bounty Hunter Campaign Maps
AvP2 MapsStar Wars Theme
InterloperHoth and Empire
Unexpected AlliesEmpire and Vjun
Old DebtsHybrid theme
New TargetHive and Stone
TrophyN/A – Hive
Jedi Campaign Maps
AvP2 MapsStar Wars Theme
Unwelcomed GuestsEmpire and Hybrid Theme
Collateral DamageStone
BetrayalEmpire and Vjun
A Long DetourHive and Stone
Price of AdmissionHybrid Theme
Loose EndsHybrid Theme
SaviorN/A – Hive

G) Skins and Models:
1) Touched up some human character skins.
a) Luke Skywalker's face rehauled.
b) Obi-Wan Kenobi's face is now from A New Hope and is obviously older looking.
c) Several others with more minor upgrades.
2) Fixed Johnson and Droppilot (Jaden Korr) character model's textures in singleplayer from not showing up properly on her arms and legs.
3) Jedi no longer wear helmets or masks to look more true to form.
4) Synthetic npc's white brain chunks/gibs changed to human chunks/gibs.
5) Ammo shells have been removed completely to preserve the notion that the guns are blasters.
6) Restored original shoulder cannon pick up to match the one on the predator character models.
7) Retextured predator energy sift to a Death Star gray to better contrast with the green charge up.
8) Upgraded shotgun blaster skin.
9) Revised hacking tool. It is now a hybrid of v1.0 and the default skin. v1.0 was too blue.
10) Exosuit retextured to an ATST (as best as possible) and exosuit pickups changed to match.
11) New rocket ammo pickup model.
12) Rocket projectiles retextured to be seekers.
13) Armor pickup model changed to a new energy cell model.
a) Energy cells are used to charge up shields (armor is now shields).
14) Upgraded the motiontracker pickup texture (matches new radar).
15) New vehicle skins.
16) New prop skins.
a) Books and magazines.
b) Crates, barrels, construction equipment, tools.
c) Dead bodies.
d) PDA, plaque, badges, keycards, CD disc.
e) Computers, pictures, memos, gear.
f) A bunch of equipment related items.
17) Some alien plants and fungi has been made invisible to not appear on snow maps.
18) New debris chunks for broken items (broken props or broken structures in a map).
19) Marine knife texture changed to look like a blue lightsaber (as best as possible).
20) Removed cultist skin from orange POC guards and changed them into stormtroopers.
21) POC guard helmet changed to stormtrooper helmet.
22) Swapped Dimitri (Anakin/Darth Vader) with a stormtrooper.
a) Multiplayer version has the helmet stuck onto the head. The helmet can gib off.
a) Singleplayer version has the helmet pop off the npc's head when killed.
- This was done as a workaround to not lose cultist skins.
- The cultists share the same player model as the stormtrooper.
- Some cultists wear the stormtrooper helmet, but most don't wear it.
23) Count Dooku (Ivan) is gone and replaced with Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker).
a) Dooku had to go to make room for the stormtrooper.
H) Vision Mode Skins:
1) Nav Vision/Pred Tech Vision
a) Retextured the exosuit, now ATST, for this mode. 
b) Retextured the v1.0 cultists into stormtroopers.
c) Obi-Wan had a slight face update.

I) Misc Changes:
1) New and upgraded multiplayer messages for various events and actions.
2) New text in all computer terminals, pdas, memos, mission objectives (tab screen) and cutscenes.
a) All the text is changed to create a more Star Wars universe feel.
b) As an easter egg, the text references many AvP2 players, mappers, modders, etc.
c) These people have become "characters" in the AvP2 Star Wars universe.
d) The references of these people include:
- Jokes related to Star Wars Mod v2.0's development.
- Posts made on the AvP2 Discord server or an AvP2 forum.
- Me poking fun at people.
- Some inside jokes of mine.
3) Added Rebel Alliance and Empire flags for a possible future release of the "Master Server Patch" that will use custom flag models.
a) This will replace the flag banners in the capture the flag game mode.
4) Whatever else I forgot to mention.


A) Menus:
1) New splash + splash sound.
2) New Menus depicting mostly Vader in Ep.5 - Including new animated Alien, Marine, and Predator singleplayer menus. The menus should look and feel more cinematic now.
3) Battle Of The Heros, Vader Defeats Luke, Battle Of Endor 2, and Imperial March themes used on the menus.
4) The Harrison character on the singleplayer menu has been skinned to look like Luke Skywalker.
5) Many new text changes in the menus from the opening menu, to the difficulty select, to option settings and to player select.
6) New custom level/loading screen background.
7) New loading menus.
8) New "You were killed!" or "Game Over" menu backgrounds.
9) New in-game credits.
B) Huds:
1) New Marine Hud
2) New Predator Hud
3) New Exosuit Hud

C) Music:
1) All and I mean ALL of AvP2's music has been changed to Star Wars Music from the 6 episodes. I selected only the best (most suitable) music from the movies since there wasnt enough to use them all. Alien music is mostly taken from Ep.1 and 2., Predator Music is mostly from Ep. 2 and 3, and Marine/Corp music is mostly taken from Ep. 4, 5, and 6. I carefully edited all the music to provide looping and to give each of the three species a different mood or emotion during gameplay. The music files should also suit all custom levels as well. Humans should feel like they're in an Empire era, aliens in a Republic era, and preds in-betweeen the two time periods. Note that the music files arent cheap and most are longer than the original AvP2 music. Furthermore the new music should support most (mainly all) custom levels at the time of this release, pretty well.

D) Sounds:
1) New bar ambient sound of the cantina theme.
2) New Alien Sounds
a) Facehugger sounds of Ewoks.
b) Chestburster sounds of Jawas.
c) Runner sounds of Howlers.
d) Predalien sounds of Tauntauns.
e) Praetorian sounds of Sand Creatures.
f) Queen and Empress sounds of Rancors.
3) New Synth sounds of Stormtroopers.
4) New Predator Sounds
a) Standard Pred sounds of Wampas.
b) Heavy Pred Sounds of Jabba the Hutt.
c) Light Pred sounds of the Sarlacc Pitt and Rhino.
d) Assault Pred sounds of Jabba's Pig Guards.
e) Some random sounds of Tusken Raiders, Bossyk, and Chewbacca as well.
5) New Human Sounds
a) Jump land sound.
b) All male sounds changed except for two.
- death, pain, inspect, attack, cower, retreat, and cocooned sounds changed.
c) Nearly all female sounds changed as well.
6) A few new event sounds.
7) New Impact sounds.
a) Bullet impacts now sound like laser bolt impacts.
b) Spear Gun impact changed to a bowcaster impact sound.
c) Knife impact sounds changed to lightsaber impact sounds.
8) New Interface Sounds
a) Multiplayer loading, player selections, free fly mode, observere mode, vision mode, vision loop, chat, cancel, and cheat sounds changed to various sounds.
b) Evac and survivor sounds changed to small music clips. This provides a more cinematic feel to the game.
9) New Item sounds for the pda and locked ammo.
10) A few new lift sounds.
11) New powerup sounds for weapon pickups, health, armor, and destroy.
12) New explosion sounds.
13) New debris sounds for flesh, glass, metal, and pred mask.
14) New weapon sounds.
a) New turret and pickup sounds.
b) New Alien facehug and headbite sounds.
c) New exosuit sounds for mounting, dismounting, minigun, rocket, laser, and weapon selects.
d) New sounds for the grenade launcher, hacking device, knife, minigun, pistol, shotgun, pulse rifle, sniper rifle and rocket launcher. 
- The knife sounds are changed to lightsaber sounds, while many others sound like laser bolt fire now. New select sounds for all of these as well.
f) New flare toss sound - force push.
g) New cloak, decloak, failcloak, lasertrack, and charge sounds for the predators.
h) New wristblade, energysift, hacking, pistol, shouldercannon, spear and speargun sounds. Energysift has a deathstar charging up sound and a few others have laserbolt fire sounds.

E) Sprite Textures:
1) Clear nightvision, new railgun scope (Zem's Sniper Rifle Scope), and synth blood is now normal human blood since synths are human in the mod.
2) New explosion textures.
3) New spiderflare textures - somewhat like a thermal detonator.
4) New muzzle flares to simulate laser bolts.
5) New cloak effects, disc trail, and alien electical auras.
6) New pred pistol projectile textures.

F) Multiplayer Maps - with authentic custom textures and sounds:
1) SW_Bespin_V2 by HHO
2) SW_DeathStar by HHO
3) SW_Republic Destroyer by Artalavista
4) SW_Tatooine by Artalavista
G) Singleplayer Maps - with authentic custom textures and sounds:
1) Assassin by Artalavista
2) Tatooine Getaway by Artalavista

H) Worldtextures:
1) Added planets/space stations to certain skies.
- Alesserfate has Alderann and the Death Star in the skybox. It should feel as if you're in-between the two as the Death Star is positioning itself for an attack.
          - Lucifer's Fate has Kashyyyk and Mustafar in the skybox.
2) Intro and Outro cutscenes now have the 2nd Death Star and the solar system from Ep.5.
I) Skins:
1) New attachment textures for helmets, hats, smartgunner, and shoulder lamp.
2) New powerup skins for some weapon pickups, ammo pickups, armor, and health. The health pickup also uses a new model of a bacta tank as in many Star Wars games. 
3) Various props skinned including ammoboxes, motion tracker, and uniforms to match character skins.
4) New SFX skins
a) Debris textures for muzzle flares and effects. Synth guts are also human like now.
b) Rockets, grenades, and flares skinned black to match guns. Energy bolt is now green.
c) New bullet shell textures.
5) All marine weapons/tools skinned to match weapons used by the Rebel Alliance, Empire, and Republic.
- Except for the flamethrower which uses Boba Fett flamethrower textures, and the sniper rifle which is based on the sniper rifle in the game Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
          - The knife, pistol, and pulse rifle use a custom models to make them appear as a lightsaber, blaster, and a blaster rifle in 3rd person view.
6) All predator weapons/gear skinned. I know they look nothing like anything in the movies, but the weapon models look nothing like anything in the movies. Therefore I tried to give some of the weapons a matching look of custom bounty hunter gear and somewhat tie it in to the green laser fire by the Empire. It was either this or nothing for the predators since this is mostly a human mod.
          - However, the spear and speargun use custom models to make them appear as a Sith scepter and a bowcaster in 3rd person view.
7) All human characters skinned for both singleplayer and multiplayer. The guard skin was the only skin not made by myself, as it was made by Artalavista. Also note that many of the skins use model changes and the Tavion character uses Coty's "Tomika's Daughter" model. I also added hair, ears, skin, and nails, to many skins/models that didn't have them originally. Probably only the modders and skinners will notice all the little changes though. Anyways, here is a little list for those who want to know who's who:

(maroon = bad guy) (blue = good guy) (teal = varies)
Default AvP2 SkinsSW_MOD Skins
Ape SuitReborn Twin
Combat SynthSwamp Trooper
Convicts 1 + 2Prisoners
Drop Pilot + Obrian (Johnson)Jaden Korr
Drunkard TechSaboteur
Eisenberg + Bloody EisenbergImperial Officer
Female Lab SynthFemale Merc
Female Lab TechFemale Saboteur
Guard, POC Guard, Officer, POC OfficerTrooper and Color Varied Cultists
HarrisonLuke Skywalker
Hazmat + Hazmat HarrisGalak (Imperial Officer)
LaborerImperial Worker
Lab Tech AuditorNew Reborn
Lt. McainJedi
Male Lab SynthMerc
Male Lab TechSaboteur
Mean GuardShadow Trooper
Merc1 (Ivan)Count Dooku
Merc 2 (Dunya)Tavion
Merc 3 Darth Maul
Merc 4 (Dimitri)Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker - Evil)
Minigunner (Jones)Mace Windu
Mr. NuttyJedi
Pulse Rifle GirlJedi
Pulse Rifle GuyQui-Gon Jinn
Pulse Rifle MarineJedi
Railgunner SP + MP (Ichirio)Obi-Wan Kenobi
RykovThe Emperor
Rykov Jr.Chancellor Palpatine
Sadar GunnerJedi
ScientistsImperial Officers
SmartgunnerKyle Katarn
TamikoImperial Officer

J) Vision Mode Skins:
1) Heat Vision - All humans skinned to look like the vision mode textures in Zem's Sniper Rifle. (In Ep. 2)
2) Electro Vision - All aliens skinned to appear like the vision mode textures in Zem's binoculars. (Ep.2 as well) Although this one isnt as exact as the heatvision since it would look messed up in AvP2 if made it so.
- Humans skinned to preserve character skins in this mode as well.
3) Nav Vision/Pred Tech Vision - All humans are skinned in this vision mode also. However I made this one up by myself just to keep characters like Obi-Wan to stay looking like Obi-Wan and not Ichiro. Characters look jelly like and hi-tech in this vision mode. Looks cool anyway.
K) Misc Changes:
1) New multiplayer icon for Server Control (Star) = Yoda
2) "You were kicked from the server" changed. I'll let you see this yourself.
3) A bunch of multiplayer messages changed to various quotes from the movies. I made one or two up for laughs.
4) A few mission objectives changed to support the new skins.
5) Marines are labeled as Jedi, Iron Bears as Sith, Weyland Yutani employees as the Empire and Dark Force users, and Predators as Bounty Hunters. This is actually an important change in the mod, but couldnt find anywhere else to state it.
6) I chose to use only Jedi and Sith for the multiplayer skins, since they are mainly the most important characters.