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Chameleon model that replaces the predalien model. New sounds are also included.

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With there being hardly any new character models in AvP2, I decided to take Primal Hunt's Chameleon model and make it both a playable singleplayer and multiplayer character. The model was originally a huge lizard-like creature you briefly encounter in Primal Hunt's singleplayer. I did a slight modification to the model's default textures. I edited a small blood wound texture to appear as the creature's skin, rather than blood on it's forehead. The heatvision and nav vision (pred tech vision) were also made to match the new model in these vision modes. I also chose to replace the predalien with this model to enable the huge creature to have the biggest pounce across the maps. Furthermore, in Primal Hunt the model had only about 8 animations, as it wasn't intended to do much. So I took the few animations that the model had and modified them to make a full animation set and replace the predalien. The animations weren't cheaply thrown together, as I gave the creature new attacks and moves. The model used to only be able to do basic moves such as crouching, standing, clawing, running, and do one massive hand strike. Now it can also walk, wall-walk, be stunned, break free of nets, act shy/hide, do single and double back-handing bitch slaps, and do awesome Super Mario inspired jumps and pounces. Finally, I also took the sounds from the Chameleon in Primal Hunt and used them to replace the predalien's sounds.

Version 1.1 Update: I initially forgot to include the first person view skin for the Chameleon's hands and tail. This version does have the new textures, as well as a new cres.dll. The cres.dll file will replace the character name of predalien to Chameleon in the menus.

Version 2.0 Update: I fixed the Chameleon model so that all the animations work in singleplayer as well. I also found that in version 1.1, I forgot to include shadow details. This time the shadows have been enabled. There really isn't anything else to fix now, and this will probably be the final release. Hope you enjoy the update. Have fun!

Quick Side Note: In the second to final build of this model, there was an error which caused all the flames left by the flamethrower to appear as a fireball. The fireball hovered and followed the model in mid-air, rather than on the Chameleon's torso/head, as he was supposed to be on fire. Thus, this led me to believe Super Mario was indeed involved.