Aliens: Fireteam Elite
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NOW UPDATE 1.25! Bringing to you Smart Human Companions, Extended Camera FOV, New Class Loadouts and Increased Corpse Limits

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Update 1.25
- FOV tweaks ADS a bit more and gives an option to affect sprinting or not
Update 1.2
- Ai companions now have human models and new names
- Classes feature new weapon loadouts
Update 1.1a
- Extra FOV options
- Visible corpses last longer
- Potentially fixed extra companions like the escorts


Smart Bots
- Ai companions shoot further and react faster
- Overall more viable on higher difficulties

Corpses Extended
- Dead enemies pile at your feet by the dozens without disappearing
- Still disappear when you look away from them like vanilla game

- Camera distance increased along with FOV options

Place .paks into [GAME]\Endeavor\Content\Paks\~mods folder.. Don't forget the ~mods folder. You apparently need it for the mod to work.