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Reworks the guard mechanic into a parry.

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You will need to get the Akane Mod Loader first; afterwards, just extract it in the game's root.

I didn't like how unreliable the guard is in the game. Sometimes you come out of the guard right as an enemy attacks, sometimes it just doesn't work at all, so I made a mod to change it to my preferences. I didn't get the bug where the guard doesn't come out since playing with this mod. I think it is fixed, but if someone experiences it, please tell me.

Changes how the guard mechanic works in the game.
  • You can only guard a single attack
  • Guard active time significantly reduced
  • Successful parry results in riposting the enemies in melee range
  • Successful parry adds to the combo counter
  • Successful parry replenishes some stamina
  • Successful parry adds to the dragon meter

This makes guarding much harder, but it is more rewarding and reliable.

Source code: https://github.com/fkszkksz/Akane_ParryMod