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Many years ago Prince Darkness "Gannon" stole one of the Triforce with power. Princess Zelda had one of the Triforce of Wisdom. She divided it into 8 units to hide it from "Gannon" before she was captured. Go find the remaining units "Hat Kid" to save Hyrule!

Permissions and credits
Explore through a recreated dungeon from the original Legend of Zelda! Made for the 2019 Retro Modding Jam!

  • Faithful recreation of the first dungeon from the Original Legend of Zelda
  • Two Acts and Two custom bosses
  • Custom Enemies

  • This level was made with single-player in mind, while Co-op won’t outright break the map. To get the true experience I would recommend going solo.
  • This mod was made in three days for the modding jam, it was painful.
  • If you encounter any bugs let me know in the comments below.

Special Thanks
  • Adam Caflisch (Crashtroid) for some level jingles. Here is his portfolio.
  • Second Narrator for the remixed tracks, find his Soundcloud here.
  • CelloBassetr for the Triforce room arrangement, find his YouTube here.
  • Lunaros for the custom level art, a link to her commission page here.