A Hat In Time

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Introducing the Rift of Downpour! A short time-rift focused on momentum-based platforming, based on the level of the same name from Binding of Isaac: Repentence, and Antibirth!

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Required: Hookshot.

Par Time: 2:40
World Record: XX:XX by XXX

A Blue Rift based on Downpour, the floor from Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, and Binding of Isaac: Repentence.

Hat Kid was walking along in Mafia Town one day, it was raining quite hard. As she searched for shelter from the harsh storm that was being brewed up, she found a new time rift hidden under one of the storm drains. It had a similar sort of stormy look to it, which meant it was likely a pretty chaotic rift. She needed to close it as soon as possible! It must be the cause of this harsh storm! So with that, she dove into the rift, and was met with a Downpour of rain and lightning.