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Give hat kid the Key to the Embedded. A weapon from Dark Souls II. You could call it a "keyblade" for lack of a better term.

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Give Hat Kid the Key to the Embedded. An old key / weapon that was used to lay a twisted being to rest long ago.

“Sword that opens the Embedded's door.

Shaped like a weapon, but is in fact a key.
Plunge the key into the Embedded
to bring a rhapsodic end to his fate.
The once-human Embedded, realizing that he
could never resist the temptation of the flesh,
bound himself eternally with chains. Since then,
he has awaited the day that somebody will
find this key, and bury it within his bosom”


Comes with extra damage & extended ranged compared to the umbrella.

Available instantly

Credit goes to From Software for original model / sounds.

Model taken from Dark Souls II.

I was inspired to finish this weapon thanks to this mod here, a playable Sora mod on the workshop. - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2399003737