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This mod reworks the Shattered Arc and makes minor changes to the Golem and Serpion Forgotten units.

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This mod requires the Heritor expansion.


I strongly dislike the design of the Shattered Arc.  Unlike literally every unit in this game and in previous Age of Wonders games, the Shattered Arc’s strength is not an active ability but rather a passive trait.  The Essence Channler trait gives the Shattered Arc and all friendly units in battle +1 shield for each essence the Shattered Arc has, up to 4 shields or 5 if you are playing the Heritors.  This is crazy powerful if you are the Heritors because you can consistently give this unit full essence.  If you aren’t the Heritors it’s an incredible struggle, the Shattered Arc’s abilities require an RNG roll to gain essence.  So not only is this unit basically a floating permanent tactical op that you can use every turn for almost nothing, only the Heritor can make use of it.

The Shattered Arc’s active abilities aren’t much better.  It’s main attack, Shattered Communion does hardly any damage and requires an eight strength RNG roll to setup a status effect called Corrupt Communion.  If the RNG roll fails, the Shattered Arc cannot use any of its other abilities because they require essence or they require the Corrupt Communion effect.  So, in essence, you have a unit that can’t do anything interesting or impactful on its own without succeeding at a moderate strength resistance check.  This is essentially roll-to-move in video game mechanics.

This mod reworks the Shattered Arc into a support tank focused on debilitating single targets.  It also makes small changes to the Serpion and Golem to distinguish them from each other more.


1. Extract the included .7z to your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Age of Wonders Planetfall/Mods directory.
2. You should end up with a file structure that looks like .../Mods/<Mod_Name>/<Mod_Name>.zip
3. Congratulations, you have properly installed the mod! Do not extract the <mod_name>.zip file, the game will do that for you.
4. Make sure to enable the mod in the Paradox Launcher.


This mod changes the Shattered Arc, Golem, and Serpion unit records and will be incompatible with other mods that do the same.

Outdated Mod Notification

Currently you will see a notification in the main menu that this mod is outdated. This is a bug on Triumph's part.