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This mod buffs the Drone Carrier and changes its playstyle towards more of a support tank role rather than being a pure backline support unit as it is in vanilla.

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This mod changes the Drone Carrier so it can summon any one type of drone once per turn as a free action. This, with the newly added Bomber Drone (no new model as of yet), allows for the Drone Carrier to field a versatile squadron of drones appropriate to the combat at hand. Additionally, since summoning drones is a free action, it is now important to utilize the DC’s main weapon to maximize its impact. This encourages a more forward placement of the DC in combat which makes it an engaging unit to utilize in battle than the waddling drone dispenser it was before. Summoned drones now start with zero action points to balance out the above changes.

On top of this, the Drone Carrier gains the “Command and Control” full action ability. This ability replenishes all action points to all drone units you control on the battlefield. This ability can only be used once per turn, even if you have multiple Drone Carriers. The “Command and Control” ability allows the Drone Carrier to slip into a ranged support role if its drones are not being prioritized and destroyed.


1. Extract the included .7z to your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Age of Wonders Planetfall/Mods directory.
2. You should end up with a file structure that looks like .../Mods/<Mod_Name>/<Mod_Name>.zip
3. Congratulations, you have properly installed the mod! Do not extract the <mod_name>.zip file, the game will do that for you.
4. Make sure to enable the mod in the Paradox Launcher.


This mod changes the Drone Carrier unit entry and modifies the Drone unit entries. It will conflict with mods that change these records.