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Disables Forward Bases

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This mod disables the ability to establish forward bases. In vanilla PF you can use forward bases to play strategic snake and cordon off a large section of the map early on. This costs almost nothing and forces other empires to go to war with you without Casus Belli if they want to expand their empire. War without Casus Belli results in major reputation penalties and unhappiness penalties and is usually not an option early on so this strategy essentially stunts the growth of other empires with very little cost. The AI isn't programmed to reciprocate with this trolling so even on the hardest difficulty this style of play lets you win the game very easily. Since forward bases serve an incredibly niche role and arguably using armies to hold territory serves a similar function, I decided to disable them entirely.


1. Extract the included .7z to your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Age of Wonders Planetfall/Mods directory.
2. You should end up with a file structure that looks like .../Mods/<Mod_Name>/<Mod_Name>.zip
3. Congratulations, you have properly installed the mod! Do not extract the <mod_name>.zip file, the game will do that for you.
4. Make sure to enable the mod in the Paradox Launcher.