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Allows units that were only available via tactical operations to be produced at base. This includes the Valkyrie, Sentinel, Sapper, Constrictor, and the Abyssal. All units can be modded and are fully functional in game.

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The tier two call-in units (Sapper, Constrictor, Valkyrie, Sentinel, Abyssian) don’t scale very well because they cannot be modded or gain structure bonuses.  This mod makes it so you can produce and mod them, you still need the tech and either the specialist or skirmisher barracks depending on the unit.  

Additionally, a few things were broken with these units, so I fixed them.  The Constrictor is now properly flagged as a melee unit and can equip melee mods.  It can also now use the Neurotoxic Implants mod.  When the Sapper is equipped with the Fortification Tools mod, it actually works.  The Arc Extension mod now works when equipped on the Sentinel.


1. Extract the included .7z to your Documents/Paradox Interactive/Age of Wonders Planetfall/Mods directory.
2. You should end up with a file structure that looks like .../Mods/<Mod_Name>/<Mod_Name>.zip
3. Congratulations, you have properly installed the mod! Do not extract the <mod_name>.zip file, the game will do that for you.
4. Make sure to enable the mod in the Paradox Launcher.


This mod modifies the Sapper, Constrictor, Valkyrie, Sentinel, and Abyssian unit records. Additionally, this mod changes the Neurotoxic Implants unit mod record. This mod will be incompatible with other mods that do the same.