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fix accidental outpost placement

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So u placed outpost where u dont want, and now u have to wait few turns to destroy it, few turns to build it again and few turns to build work camp

This mod makes that instant and free.
Destroy your own Outpost is instant and free.
Found Outpost is instant and free, and dont require hero, build it anywhere u like now.
Build work camp is instant and free.

Obviously this is a cheat, and its intended to use only for fixing outpost location. So I recommend u follow these steps:

1. Enable mod in launcher
2. Load game, destroy outpost, build it anywhere u like now. If u want build free work camp too (or not).
3. Save game and exit.
4. Disable mod in launcher- Continue playing as usual with you outpost location fixed.

Warning! Do not press end turn in any case! because I dont know how AI will react if this mod is enabled during AI turns. They might just make million free outposts on whole map haha.. This is intended just for your convenience if u misplaced outpost.

----------------------------- INSTALLATION

unzip files to your "\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders 4\Mods" folder (create one if u dont have)

enable mods in your AOW4 launcher (dowser.exe in game folder)
> playset
> add new playset (needs to be done only once - first time)
> add mod to playset, check if "destroy outpost" mod is green (enabled) and play.
if you have more mods, just add "destroy outpost" to your existing playset.

DONT FORGET to disable mod as soon as you fix outpost location!