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Materium has Major Transformation and Reagent Refinery bug fixed

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Isnt it strange that all other affinities have Major Transformation except Materium.. we need to fix that unjustice!

Goldtouched is now Major Transformation! Changes:
Now gives +4 to all unit magic resistances
Now gives +1 gold per population AND +10% gold on top of that.
Cost Increased to 600/600
changes NOT shown in tooltips (descriptions) - cant bother making that. It works.

Bonus game bug fix from same Tome:
Reagent Refinery was bugged (giving food and draft instead of +20 gold as described in game) Fixed now!

compatible with any mod that doesnt change same properties.

----------------------------- INSTALLATION

unzip files to your "\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders 4\Mods" folder (create one if u dont have)

enable mods in your AOW4 launcher (dowser.exe in game folder)
> playset
> add new playset (needs to be done only once - first time)
> add mod to playset, check if "Goldtouched Major Transformation" mod is green (enabled) and play.
if you have more mods, just add "Goldtouched Major Transformation" to your existing playset.