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Big update 2/3/18, after some time getting my feet wet again, I'm finally in a position to start picking up my mods following the worst couple years of my life and a series of computer problems on top of everything else that made it impossible to run Skyrim or anything else.


On the agenda.... Katy's Underpified Nobles and Traders is getting a major cleaning update, trimming some of the as-yet-unused assets and dramatically cutting the download size. It's set to hidden while I'm working on it but I'll send the crappy file to anyone who asks. Also tackling a couple bugs-- inventory model mismatches and a missing mesh issue that seems native to the GD simple dress mesh, trying to fix it but if I can't I'll use another model in its place. Once it's cleaned up a bit I'll unhide it, but the big plan is to make use of the new apachiiDE assets. This will nix the requirement for Naihaan's mods, and they're awesome models I wish I had had before. Also will include a version that works alongside Shiva's clothing replacer, since the two only overlap in a couple of key places-- together they are looking great.


KMT is also set to hidden for now but very close to what I'd call "done," look for it in the next couple months depending on my personal time. Finished version will have LOD files, fix a color mismatch for some ENBs, add shiny alpha layers for the metal textures and optional parallax.


Those should be done (to that standard anyway) soon.


Ongoing mods I can start picking up again-- Smoking in Taverns is an idea I've had for years and still hasn't been done to my satisfaction. It will take animations from Cannabis Skyrim and add them to some vanilla idle markers, like drunkidlemarker, that are used by tons of mods AND the vanilla game. By adding multiple copies of possible animations from vanilla with the Cannabis animations mixed in and a random chance to play them, you've got immersive randomized debauchery. The result will be that anywhere you see NPCs using the drunk tavern idles and generally making a fool of themselves, they will also smoke. I plan on a SFW version that just uses the lore friendly pipe animations, and a NSFWish version for people like me who love weed :smile: I'm pretty proud of myself for this idea's compatibility and simplicity, it's just a clever elegant idea that complements other mods without conflicting. I know how to do it, and used to have a nearly finished file for it.... I'll be starting over but it's just a matter of getting to it and ironing out the kinks.


I'm also starting to dabble in some basic landscape mods, CK stuff I don't usually fool with (hand placed objects) and I may consider publishing some nekkid bodies to my liking to augment WICO.


Without too much detail, I love mushrooms like the Morrowind Overhaul for the volcanic tundra and Enhanced Landscapes marsh mushrooms around Morthal. I want to do better though, with the morrowind mushroom modders' resource and vanilla blackreach/solsthiem meshes as a starting point and some new handmade textures, with compatibility in mind for everything from TES Arena to player homes to TR trees.


Also without too much detail, I am liking WICO for CBBE but something I've always wanted is a topless "nevernude" that uses vanilla textures and better meshes than Caliente's nevernude granny panties. And I'm rather fond of FastestDog's male underwear .nifs, I'd like to add them over WICO's male bodies. So it'll be a true nevernude for males with underwear that's not a skirt or Speedo and lore friendly, + a pseudo nevernude CBBE curvy based body with meshes from one of the bikini mods' bottom pieces and textures to match the male. Nice balance of lore, boobies, and visually pleasing naked people without the intrusive dongs and flaps. May have permission issues with this one.


Far on the back burner, I'm working on a lore friendly iteration of some parts of Colorful Magic. This will be a long time in the making but will have better English, more polish, less outlandish spells, no worldspace edits, and probably no weapons. It's something I want to do because the author just recently released the assets as a modders' resource, it's still popular, and no one's made it a practical, playable mod yet. But I will have to learn quite a bit to make it work.


And that's what I'm working on! Should be fun stuff.


Still don't have my older files, sorry I cannot help you. And I'm very behind (2 years in Skyrim modding is like 100 human years) so I'm of limited use for advice, but as usual willing if I can. I am sticking with the 32 bit game for now as it still has all the best resources and unsupported mods I love. No plans to move to SE until it's the only place for current mods and/or awesome new mods give me a reason to bother to move over. Anyone is welcome to port anything of mine to SE, give credit, maybe a link.


<3 you, Nexus

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