Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

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Where is Strangereal Asia? Here is Strangereal Asia! And I mean all of it. As much as I can cram. PLAF, JASDF, Iran, India, Patlabor, and Yukikaze! Wait, those are anime.

Permissions and credits
It all started with a failed CFA-44 skin. Well, I got really tired of making CFA-44 skins. Felt kind of lazy, like I was just cramming as many liveries as possible on the same plane. Shrike Team began as a camo pattern, one that I loved, but couldn't pin on any Strangereal Nation because, well, it reminded me a lot of the PLAF. Shrike became Verusan Shrike. Then came Fennec Team. Then Vivid. Then Mako. And so on and so forth. They aren't meant to be 1:1 recreations of real life liveries. Far from it, but I hope you will see the inspiration from their respective countries, or in the case of Strangereal Verusa, regions. I hope you enjoy it!

Inspired by China: Butcher, Shrike Team, Fennec Team
Inspired by Japan: Mako Team, Monolith Team, Ninetails
Inspired by India: Vivid Team
Inspired by Korea: Bengal Team
Inspired by Iran: Constrictor Team

This is the part where I copy-paste the readme file:

Credit to njmksrMods for designing the Verusan flag and roundel!
Credit to CherrysDelight for the LRSSG Unification Mod and Color Tinted Canopies!
Credit to SkylineGTRFreak for the F-15S/MTD Mod!

ATTENTION! Makes sure to download SkylineGTRFreak's F-15S/MTD Mod before using this mod.
Not that not doing so would break anything, but you know you want the S/MTD.

Here you go: F-15 SMTD (AC Remix) CUSTOM MODEL

Included Skins:
A-10C -BUTCHER- (Skin 6)
F-14D -CONSTRICTOR- (Skin 6)
F-15J KAI PLUS -MAKO- (F-15S/MTD Skin 6)
F-15J -MAKO- (F-15C Skin 6 + NPC thru LRSSG Unification Mod)
F-16C -BENGAL- (Skin 6)
F-16C -BENGAL- (Osea NPC)
F-18C -SHRIKE- (Skin 1 + Osea NPC)
F-22A -MONOLITH- (Skin 6)
F-35C -SHRIKE- (Skin 6)
F-35C -SHRIKE- (Osea NPC)
FA-27 -SHRIKE- (Skin 6)
YF-23 -NINETAILS- (Skin 6)
J-15B -FENNEC- (Su-33 Skin 6)
J-15B -FENNEC- (Su-33 Erusea NPC)
KC-10 -MILTANK- (Refuel Tanker NPC)
Rafale M -VIVID- (Skin 6)
Rafale M -VIVID- (Alicorn NPC)

Also Included:
Specially selected Color Tinted Canopies for each aircraft type!
If you have this mod installed, please check for mod conflicts before launching!
LRSSG Unification Mod used to paint LRSSG as F-15C Skin 6
If you delete this file, the LRSSG will no longer appear as Mako Team