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Massive update and repack of all THE [email protected], Love Live!, and Vocaloid skins. Season 2 started.

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Project [email protected] is entering a new season. Even more idols in the plan.

1. Nijigasaki High School Idol Club
Formerly known as Perfect Dream Project, Nijigasaki High School first entered Project [email protected] with one skin that was released as bonus. The entire cast of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is now available for 10 different aircraft.

2. To be announced. Look forward to the next expansion.

This mega pack's major feature is MREC separation. These skins are no longer restricted to Skin 1, 2, 3. This mod can be installed on all skin slots without affecting any other skin, not even NPC skins!
In addition to MREC separation, this mod fixes "wet texture" seen in all previous versions. All previous skins' MRECs were packed incorrectly that caused the aircraft to apply a permanent wet state.
Additionally, all textures are upgraded to uncompressed BC7 files. The skins will look crisp on high resolutions.

This pack also contains expansion to the two major idol series and new NPC replacers, totaling to 56 skins in a single package.

1. Su-57 Setsuna Yuuki.
A highly popular character from School Idol Festival: All Stars. This mysterious school idol is strangely never seen in a school uniform. Who could this be?

2. YF-23 Uzuki Shimamura.
One of the main representatives of THE [email protected] Cinderella Girls series. This girl's specialty is being normal. Can you bring her beyond normal?

3. Su-30M2 Tsubasa Ibuki.
One of the main representatives of THE [email protected] Million Live series. This talented girl is ready to take on anything. Do you have enough challenge for her?

4. MiG-31B Ai Hidaka.
One of the last two idols that still remain in 876 Production, THE [email protected] Dearly Stars. This girl is very hyperactive. Can you manage her energy to maximum efficiency?

5. X-02A Tsubasa Kira.
The leader of A-RISE, Muse's main opponent in Love Live! competition. She has so many strong points with brilliant plans of the future. She was defeated once, can you restore her glory?

6. Su-37 Sakuya Shirase.
A very popular high school girl who has many female fans. She has a cool personality and is naturally talented in many ways. Do you have what it takes to bring out even more potential from her?

7. MiG-21bis 765 Producer.
It's a joke skin, actually. This producer has the distinction as the only producer in the series to sing songs in an album. Do you want more husbando skin?

8. Su-34 BlackBaron1945.
I created Project [email protected], now I'm one of them. Special skin for my primary aircraft Su-34 featuring genderbent model of yours truly. Meteor from Arknights, my favorite operator, is here for a guest appearance.

Q : There are names of unavailable aircraft in the game! What are these?! Should I delete them?

A : Hell no! If you didn't know it already, these skins were originally created in Ace Combat Assault Horizon and Ace Combat Joint Assault, where those planes originally existed. The skins have been adapted to all available aircraft in the game, so either experiment with them, or take a look at the previous versions of these mods.

Q : So what planes are standing-in for those skins?

A : Read thoroughly. Sorted by folder then file names, Ascending order. File name -> In-game aircraft.

F-16V -> F-16C
F-4X -> F-4E
AST-21 -> F-14D
Typhoon FGR.4 -> Typhoon
F-15EX -> F-15E
Rafale C -> Rafale M
X-02A -> X-02S
A-10A -> A-10C
Typhoon F2 -> Typhoon
Gripen C -> Gripen E
F-15 S/MTD -> F-15J (F-15 S/MTD model mod is available separately, created by SkylineGTRFreak)
F-35A -> F-35C
Gripen EW -> Gripen E
F-14B -> F-14D
S-32 -> Su-47