Important information

If you have been banned from the Nexus sites by one of the moderation team then you can use this form to try and explain your actions and have your ban overturned. Please be aware of a few things before you proceed:

  • Read through the strike and ban forum and try to find out why you were banned if you don't already know. All bans are documented here.

  • Read through our terms of service and fully understand the rules we have.

  • If you believe your ban was in error and a moderator has made a mistake then use this form to argue your case. Explain everything in as much detail as possible providing proof if necessary.

  • If you understand why you were banned and believe you have learnt from your mistake then write a genuine letter of apology here and a moderator may reinstate you based on your actions.

  • This form will only work once and communication is one-way; you will not be able to converse with the moderation team so put everything you think you need to in to the fields below.

  • If the moderation team decides to keep your account banned you will not hear from us. If you are unbanned then the best way to find out is to keep checking back.

  • If you have been banned for admitting to piracy then you will need to provide proof of purchase for your game. Proof we accept: if the game is a Steamworks game submit a link to your Steam profile in your unban request message. Ensure your profile is open to public viewing and change your "Summary" in your profile to contain your Nexus username somewhere in it, or similar. We can then verify the game is in your Steam library. If it is not a Steamworks game then please provide similar proof of purchase, such as a picture of the box with a paper note saying hello to the Nexus staff.

  • Unban requests require the approval of at least 3 moderating staff members, and we discuss each unban request in detail before making a decision. This can take several days. Please be patient during this time. If you make a new account to try and circumvent your ban then it's extremely like that we'll:

    1. Find out about it and
    2. Enforce your ban with an IP ban as well.