Nexus Mods Expenses
Where does the
Money go?

Site Traffic

134m pageviews a month. 4.47m pageviews a day. 186,000 pageviews an hour. 3,100 pageviews a minute. 52 pageviews a second.

45m new downloads a month. 1.53m new downloads a day. 64,000 new downloads an hour. 1,100 new downloads a minute. 18 new downloads a second.

2.85 PetaBytes of files downloaded each month. That's 2,918 TeraBytes, or 2,988,032 GigaBytes or 3,059,744,768 MegaBytes in decimal.

10.5Gbit of bandwidth utilisation. That's a transfer speed of 1,344 MegaBytes a second.

Expenses breakdown


9 VM instances utilizing 108 cores and 288GB of RAM to serve the website frontend

5 dedicated servers forming a database cluster of 90 cores and 960GB of RAM to serve the website backend

Multiple testing and R&D servers

Extensive and expensive firewalls

Mod author donations

Committed to
in the first year

Services and licenses

  • Slack and other communication software

  • Google and other collaborative organisation management software

  • HR software

  • Telephone lines

  • DDoS protection

  • Data logging


13 full-time staff.

3 Community Managers who ensure the community's needs are looked after and everyone plays nicely together.

6 website programmers, 2 to maintain and update the current site, 4 working on new functionality and updating our backend services and infrastructure.

2 software programmers working on our mod management software, Vortex.

1 website designer in charge of the look and feel of the sites and software.

1 owner ensuring everyone is doing what they're supposed to be doing and handling bookkeeping, HR, pensions, payroll, office management, procurement and all the boring things that keep the lights running.


Rented office space enough for 12 people to work in comfortably, with room for growth if needed.

Insurance for the office and its contents.

A computer capable of playing the latest games, at least 2 monitors for each employee and all the peripherals necessary (mouse, mouse mat, keyboard, headset, webcam).

Desks, chairs, monitor stands, printer, scanner, microwave, kitchen utensils, cutlery, etc.

Electricity bills

High-speed internet

Cleaning services

Council tax on the office space (business rates)

Professional fees and requirements



Solicitors fees

Business insurance