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    • News System Changed

      I've recently written my own news submission system for TESSource that makes things easier to administer on my end. As a result all previous news has been stripped from the site but can still be found in the news forum.

      As usual commenting on news happens through the forum posts created with each new news post....

    • Fake Mods Being Uploaded

      Hi folks,

      It has come to my attention over this past weekend that someone has been creating fake accounts at TESSource with names that are similar to current mod author's. This person has then been uploading semi-malicious mods to the database with names very similar to current mods; trying to pass it off as a legitimate modification.

      I believe one mod titled "No Psychic Guards" randomly spawns an Arena spectator to your location who is invincible. The description on th...

    • User made Mods guide at Gamehelper.com

      Gamehelper.com has released a two part mod guide. The aim of this is to inform people of what, in their opinion, are some of the most essential, finest, and funniest mods around. part 1 can be found HERE and part 2 can be found HERE.

      Unsurprisingly, none of the "fake" mods make an appearance. :)

      Oh, and while you're all at it, take a look at this Developer pos...

    • Oblivion takes the throne in PCGamer's top 100 games list.

      According to the latest edition of PCGamer (I'm not sure if it's the UK or USA version), Oblivion is this year's greatest game. It has taken the position of No.1 in their top 100 list for this year.

      Feel free to discuss the extent to which you feel this is deserved....

    • Recent Additions At TESSource

      Hi folks,

      I thought I'd just inform everyone of a couple of new features that have recently been added to TESSource.

      File Database Changes
      Most of you will probably have noticed two new features in the file database and a slight modification. The first is "bug reports" which enables you to file a bug report for a particular mod. Bug reports are for the site; things like broken download links, incorrect description...

    • Marine O'keefe's Modding Forums

      Marine O'Keefe/ByblosHex/Cleitanious/Modder_300

      Would like to announce the re-launching of our forum-based website. This is the ONLY place to find support and up-to date downloads and information on all of my plug-ins.

      Link: http://byblos.2.forumer.com/index.php?act=idx

      My Currently supported Plug-ins are:
      Knights Of The White Stallion
      Regal Imperial City
      Darker Cyrodiil

    • Infinite Adventures

      Infinite Adventures is a new work in progress that seeks to add many new dungeons with unique custom rewards. Each of the dungeons is to have a backstory, traps, unique puzzles, and most have a bossfight. A teaser is already released on TESSource.

      However, it's not just for one group to go at alone. The unique thing about this mod is that anyone can contribute a custom dungeon to this project, with the ability to get it involved in a reasonably larged sized mod, and with the creator...

    • TESSource 5 Year Anniversary Competition

      The Elder Scrolls Source has been serving the Elder Scrolls community in one way or another for 5 years; providing download resources for Morrowind and Oblivion mods, early sneak-peaks on the games before their release and a forum community full of your usual psychotics and megalomaniacs.

      To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Source we've team up with the great people at

    • The Elder Scrolls Torrents

      I would like to announce that there is a new Hosting site opening unlike any other mod hosting site out there.

      The idea of the Torrent has been around for quite some time. It has been talked about for some time now about a tracker being set up for the soul purpose of sharing Modes that are far to large to be shared by normal means.

      I have set up a tracker for that one purpose in mind to allow you, the modders, freedom of creating tough huge mods without the fear of wher...

    • Bethesda Hiring!

      Bethesda recently decided to kick up their recruiting drive looking for game developers, who will give possible input to TES:V.

      Apparantly they think the modders that have modded for former TES games might make good devs.

      The jobs they are looking for are:

      -Game Programer
      -Wold Artist
      -Special FX Artist
      -Character Artist
      -Game Producer
      -Associate Producer
      -Sales Director
      -Project Manager
      -PR/Marketing Manageme...

    • Site Moved Harddrives

      Hi folks,

      I'm currently out of town at the moment. Simon (my best friend/host) has just informed me he has moved the site to a different hard drive. I have no way of verifying that the move has completely worked but the initial checks that we have performed give a green light, all clear.

      If any of you come across any problems with the site; problems that have occured since from today, then please let me know.


    • File Caching System Change

      Hi folks,

      The caching system has been changed today to stop the annoying "back button not working" problem. As a result file links should now be changed to ensure better user interaction (as well as stopping the 404 error occuring when your page hasn't been cached!).

      If you currently use the "http://www.tessource.net/files/cache/fileid.html" system to link to your file you can easily change it by taking the fileid (NOT the .html part) and changing the link to "http://ww...

    • Please give me your feedback

      Hi folks,

      I've put a new page up on the site regarding a voluntary subscription system that'll be put in place soon for TESSource. If you could head on over to our feedback page and leave your mark I'd appreciate it.


    • Supporter system is live!

      Hi all,

      The new Supporter system is now running and live and people have already begun to help out! It is greatly appreciated and I respect the kindness and willingness of this community to support me in helping to provide the resources that I do.

      For those of you who don't know there are now two types of accounts for members. The first is the normal "free" account that does everything it currently does. Nothing has been changed and you can still download (albeit slowly...

    • Oblivion Expansion Likely!

      I just so happened to stumble over this article at bit-tech.net. Interesting, no? It sounds like that dev saying there wouldn't be any expansions was a load of hot air. Knights of the White Stallion here we come, apparently!

      Of course, I won't 100% believe it until Bethesda confirm it. But it's looking pretty likely.

      EDIT: I was right about not believing it. Or so it seems, anywa...

    • Login Issues

      A lot of people are emailing me or PMing me at the moment saying they can't login with their username and password. 99% of the time this is because you are not using your username but your "Display Name". During March and April a setting was on in the forum software that enabled you to change your Display Name, the name other people saw you as. This did not, however, change your actual user name.

      Please use your username, not your Display Name to login to the site.

      I ho...

    • Currently Unavailable!

      Hi folks,

      Just thought I'd pop some news up to let you all know that I moved into my new house in Exeter yesterday, ready for the new University year next week. At this time I have no internet access and probably won't have for a week, maybe two.

      I can catch emails and keep up-to-date on the forums through my department computers but will not be replying to many emails or forum topics since I don't have the time to spare (and it sorta screws with my organisation of know...

    • Knights of the Nine for Xbox 360 and PC

      It looks like Knights of the Nine will be gracing the Xbox 360 and PC on the 21st of November. See this press release. Most importantly, they're releasing a retail box including Knights of the Nine and all downloadable content thus far!

      No word on pricing yet. Let's hope it's not too steep....

    • File Rating System Changed

      Hi folks,

      Thought I'd post this up in the main news since many people have asked for this functionality since the rating system was first introduced. Quoting the file database change log:

      Re-Rating Of Files
      You can now re-rate files that you have already rated. Your old vote will be removed from the database and your new vote cast (therefore stopping you from voting twice for the same mod).

    • New Poll, Old Poll Results

      I've put up a new poll on the site in regards to the newly announced mod from Bethesda which introduces a new faction/questions to Oblivion. To clarify the question, it asks how much you'd be willing to spend on the new faction/quests alone (i.e. not for the boxed package you'll be able to buy in the stores).

      The last poll question asked "How many mods are you currently using in Oblivion?" with the following results:

      None - 9% / 411 Votes
      Less than 10 - 22% / 978 ...


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