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    • Security updates: reCaptcha and Two-factor Authentication

      As we continue to add features like Donation Points to our services, the security of your account becomes more and more important. To that end, the team has been working to provide you with updated systems and tools that will help to ensure that your account and content do not fall into the wrong hands. 


      Many of you have no doubt already noticed the first of these new features when logging in to the website, known as reCaptcha. Most of the time, this system wil...

    • Win a Copy of Kingdom Come: Deliverance + DLC

      Great news! Our friends at Warhorse Studios have provided us with 3 GOG Keys for Kingdom Come Deliverance + their brand new From the Ashes DLC. Naturally, we will be giving these out to our community in this special giveaway, starting now and lasting until Saturday, 21st July at 11:59 pm GMT (entry rules below).

      To be clear: we will be picking 3 winners at random who will each receive a GOG Key for the base game and a key for the DLC. You will need an account on ...

    • The Overlord of Overhauls - EnaiSiaion

      Today we are chatting with EnaiSiaion, creator of various outstanding Skyrim overhaul mods such as Apocalypse, Ordinator, and Thunderchild - some of which have taken their rightful place amongst the most popular Skyrim mods of all time.

      BigBizkit & Pickysaurus: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us. Most people who have played Skyrim are probably familiar with your work, but could you first tell us a bit about yourself?

      EnaiSiaion: So...

    • July Giveaway #1 Facebook Special

      It's time for another giveaway!

      We are giving out one Steam Gift Card worth £35 (~$50) again.

      To promote our Facebook site, this time entering the competition via the Facebook option is worth 2 entries giving you a slightly better chance of winning the prize!

      (Don't worry, the next giveaway will be a Twitter Special to balance things out.)

      To participate and to not screw up your chances of winning, pay attention to the entry rules below:

    • Modder to Developer - TheModernStoryteller

      For those of you following E3's PC Gaming show, you may have noticed a new game that shares some striking similarities to a popular Skyrim mod. TheModernStoryteller, a veteran of the modding scene has spread his wings and announced his own brand new game "The Forgotten City" which is a stand-alone re-imagining of his original Skyrim mod by the same name. Nick (TheModernStoryteller) has kindly taken the time out after his E3 debut to tell us a little bit about his new game and how he made it from...

    • June Special Giveaway - Double Value

      It's time for another giveaway! This month we have something special for you:

      This time we are giving out one Steam Gift Card worth a whopping £70 (~$100) - that is twice the value we usually have for you.

      That should help one of you pre-order one of the games announced at E3, if that sounds like something that would strike your fancy.

      To participate and to not screw up your chances of winning a £70 Steam Gift Card, pay attention to the entry rules b...

    • Meet the Man behind the Sliders - Ousnius

      Today we have something special for you: meet ousnius, the man behind plenty of popular and useful utilities such as BodySlide and Outfit Studio - tools that have accumulated millions of downloads across their respective Fallout 4, Skyrim SE, and Skyrim versions. 

      BigBizkit: Thanks for joining us today, we really appreciate it. To start this off why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

      ousnius: Hey, I'm ousnius. :) I'm a gamer, modder, and work as a...

    • Introducing our new Community Managers: Pickysaurus and BigBizkit

      Back in February we put out a call for Community Managers, as part of the office relocation process. Now that our two new CMs have settled into their positions, we thought it would be a good time to introduce them.

      Welcome to the team, Stefan (BigBizkit) and Mike (Pickysaurus)!
      First off, before we dive into work related questions, let's get back to where it all began...

      Terrorfox1234: What initially brought you into the modding scene? What made you want ...

    • First donation point report delivered, and recent updates to the system

      First report available

      Towards the end of May, we announced and launched our Donation Point system for mod authors to receive donations directly from Nexus Mods.

      While we don't send Donation Points until 3 months after the end of the month (e.g. Donation Points generated in May won't be received by users until the beginning of September) we will provide a report at the start of each month to all opted-in users, for the previous month, that shows and explains the DP you s...

    • Win a copy of Surviving Mars, The Witcher 2 and more with GOG.com

      Our friends over at GOG.com are having their Summer Gaming Sale and with the generous 100 Game Codes they've provided to give away to our community, we're joining in on the fun!

      It's a great opportunity to get your hands on a new game to tide you over until the titles announced at E3 are released. We're super excited to be able to give these games to you, but be sure to read the rules below before entering - we'd hate for you to disqualify yourself.

      In order to ensure the...

    • Patreon page for our Donation Points system

      In May we announced our Donation Points system for mod authors on Nexus Mods. The premise of the system is (relatively) simple, each month Nexus Mods has committed to donating $6,000 - $10,000 from our own funds towards a donation pool for mod authors to benefit from. If you'd like to read more about the Donation Points system please read our launch news post and our FAQs section.

      Today we have launched a Patreon donation page to crowdfund a supplement to our donation pool so that ou...

    • GOG Summer Sale Now On

      GOG's Summer Gaming Sale has begun! Between now and Monday 18th June, you can bag big discounts on a generous range of DRM-free games.

      If you've been considering picking up a classic Bethesda game like Morrowind, Fallout: New Vegas or Oblivion you can get them for ~50% off during the sale. Or if you fancy trying something new like Divinity: Original Sin 2 or Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire they're on sale too!

      We've curated our list of top games with mod support as well...

    • May Giveaway #2

      May Giveaway #2 Winner: sjatkins
      Congratulations and thanks for participating! 
      ...and if you didn't win; better luck next time

      It's time for another giveaway!

      For those of you that may have missed the initial announcement; as part our initiative to increase our social media following and presence, we will be running a giveaway twice a month.
      Why do we care about our social media presence? 
      Why not just run ads on social media? 
      You can r...

    • Donation Points system now live for mod authors on Nexus Mods

      Back in December I announced our intention to create and release a system that provided some modest rewards to mod authors on Nexus Mods.

      It's taken us a bit longer to implement than we initially anticipated, but I am happy to announce that from today, any mod authors on Nexus Mods will be able to opt their files into our Donation Points system.

      The premise of the Donation Points (DP) system is relatively simple on the surface. Each month Nexus Mods will donate a set amou...

    • May Giveaway #1

      May Giveaway #1 Winner: dutem
      Congratulations and thanks for participating!
      ...and if you didn't win; better luck next time

      It's time for another giveaway!

      For those of you that may have missed the initial announcement; as part our initiative to increase our social media following and presence, we will be running a series of giveaways.
      Why do we care about our social media presence? 
      Why not just run ads on social media? 
      You can read mor...

    • Invalid email addresses and you

      We've made a small change to the site today to inform any users whose emails are "bouncing" that they need to update their email records.

      A bounced email is basically an email we've sent you and then received back saying that the email is undeliverable.

      Bounced emails are bad for us as they are expensive to deal with on our email delivery platform and ultimately, if you are using the wrong email address or an email address that does not work/exist any more then you will n...

    • Security update for Nexus Mod Manager

      Today we are releasing some security updates for the Nexus Mod Manager to bring us in line with the new EU GDPR rules coming into force next month.

      NMM has been "end-of-line" since 2016, which means we no longer provide any official support for the software, but we thought it was prudent to spend the time and money to release this update so our users could continue to use the software's online services while ensuring we're compliant with the new regulations. We also did not want peop...

    • Vortex Alpha Release

      Hello everyone,

      For over a year now we've been working on a mod manager to replace the ailing Nexus Mod Manager. The premise was simple, attempt to combine the simplicity of the Nexus Mod Manager with the advanced functionality of Mod Organizer and create something that is accessible to all types of modders. Back in May of 2017 we named this replacement "Vortex".

      A couple of weeks ago we did a limited Alpha release of Vortex to 1,000 users, many of whom have been extremel...

    • February Giveaway #1

      I'm going to be completely straight with you, we're currently working on increasing our social media presence for Nexus Mods and have budgeted a small amount each month towards increasing our social media readership. We could certainly put that money straight into purchasing Facebook and Twitter ads, but I much prefer the idea of using that money instead to fund giveaways that benefit our users and that everyone can enter (even if you don't care about or hate social media).

      To that e...

    • Hiring for community management positions

      As part of our relocation process to our offices in Exeter, we now have two job openings at Nexus Mods working within our community management team.

      This position is based in our offices in Exeter in the UK and you will need a right to work in the UK before you apply.

      Here are the details.

      The Role
      As a community manager, it is your responsibility to interact with and look after the Nexus Mods community and understand the needs and wants of the var...


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