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  • Darkness Falls v3.2 Released

    Since A19.2 is now stable, I just uploaded Darkness Falls V3.2 to go along with it. Changes as follows.
    - Updated to A19.2b4.
    - Potentially fixed perk bug with Iron/Steel armor schematics.
    - Chili dog no longer gives water.
    - Fish tacos gives slightly less water.
    - Baseball bat schematic removed as it's no longer needed.
    - Drastically decreased damage bonus granted by mega crush.
    - Increased chance of mega crush dropping.
    - Added a VERY small chance for T3 weapons to be found in loot.
    - Legendary weapons have additional effects (all non-taza weapons count as laser weapons for demons, porkins shotgun reduces armor of soldiers by 50%, eriks hammer has a 50% chance to proc a shock effect during the day, black sky does extra damage...

  • Suggestions and Bugs

    Wright me a suggestions and bugs find in my mod!...

  • Alpha 19 Auger-Chainsaw Sound Mod

    Greetings fellow survivors.
    I've created 3 different mods for the Auger/Chainsaw sounds that were modified in Alpha 19.
    These are only intended as a temporary fix until The Fun Pimps split the audio properly.
    What I mean by this is, the Auger and Chainsaw are tied to the "Bullet Impact" sounds in game.
    Which means the Auger/Chainsaw "impact" sounds also affect any Bullet Impact sounds.

    1) No Hit Sound (Remove the Bullet Impact Sounds from Auger/Chainsaw/Guns)
    2) No Hit Sounds While Crouched (0 Impact Sound generated when you are crouched)
    3) Reduced Hit Sounds While Crouched (10% Impact Sound generated while you are crouched) 

    These are Modlets, so they just need to be unziped in your Mod Folder to work. 


  • Darkness Falls v3.1 Released

    A19.1 went stable, so Darkness Falls v3.1 is now released! Changes as follows.

    - Updated for A19.1b8
    - Rebalanced M60 and Rocket Launcher so they aren't quieter than a pistol.
    - Edited gun heatmap so screamers aren't called as often.
    - Edited gamestage so MP doesn't ramp up quite as fast.
    - Changed Quality Degradation so items of quality 5 or lower no longer break (they degrade to 1).
    - Reduced harvest amount of both augers by 50%.
    - Slightly reduced XP from mining.
    - Slightly lowered the cost of 44 Magnum AP/HP rounds.
    - Slightly lowered the cost of BOTH gunpowder recipes.
    - Killing a boss zombie SHOULD now remove it's buff on all nearby zombies.
    - Removed the supply crate mod for now since supply crates were buggy in...

  • GeekMyVehicle

    You can buy Quests from the trader which will allow you to upgrade your vehicles.
    vehicle available:
    tier 1 bike
    tier 2 bike
    minibike tier 1
    minibike tier 2
    minibike tier 3
    tier 1 motorcycle
    tier 2 motorcycle
    tier 3 motorcycle
    4x4 tier 1
    4x4 tier 2
    Gyrocopter tier 1
    Gyrocopter tier 2
    Gyrocopter tier 3
    Tier 4 gyrocopter...

  • 30k Stacks

    This mod allows the player to have stacks of 30,000 for every item, block, consumable....

  • Firearms Expansion 3

    Hi everyone, 

    Hope you enjoyed Firearms Expansion 2, but now it's time to expand the arsenal again with even more weapons!!!
    So here it is, Firearms Expansion 3 for 7 days to die A19!!

    I see this type of mod is realy appreciated so I decided to keep on expanding it.
    This version includes 15 weapons, some of them from the old version of the mod and some of them new.

    Hope you like playing with this mod as much as I do,as always have fun, and do not esitate to report bugs and issues!!


  • Helm's Shallow

    This Is my first Prefab, so keep that in mind when raking me through the coals. lol...

  • Darkness Falls v3.02 Released

    Darkness Falls v3.02 is now available for everyone! Changes as follows.- Updated SphereII-Core with a new harmony patch to fix GotoPOISDX on servers.
    - Removed Advanced Tile Entities (and AlwaysActive patch) from SphereII-Core to help with Linux Client issues.
    - Fixed the Lucky Looter localization.
    - Fixed Blade Master only giving 5% per kill instead of 10%.
    - Fixed the brass catcher not being installable on the Sniper Rifle and AR-15.
    - Radiators should now drop more reliably.
    - Removed Health from the "cooked canned food" items.
    - Removed Health bonuses from a lot of food.
    - Halved Health bonuses on a lot of food.
    - Health bonuses now only apply if you don't have the average/good food/drink buff.
    - Fixed the demon fireball not b...

  • Darkness Falls v3.01 Released

    Darkness Falls v3.01 is now available for everyone! Changes as follows.
    - Updated SphereII-Core patches to fix Linux server issues.
    - Invisible block issues SHOULD now be fixed (Was related to SphereII-Core caves).
    - Fixed incorrect display on some buffs (pumpkin cheesecake, sham chowder, steroids)
    - Stone axe should now be able to harvest gas cans from cars, but at a VERY reduced rate.
    - Fixed Iron bars not upgrading to steel.
    - Added a method to increase the "duration" cvar of sprained/broken buffs so duration displays correctly in the bottom left. (this is iffy but we'll see if it works)
    - Fixed incorrect unlockedby on junk turret ammo.
    - Fixed the Lockpicking description.
    - Fixed the AR-15 perk name.
    - Removed intelle...

  • BUGS

    Report any bugs please....

  • Darkness Falls - V3 released

    Darkness Falls V3 is now available for download and play on A19 STABLE. Changes as follows.
    - Traders have an invisible "faction" stat, and will teach you skills as you level it.
    - Farmer now unlocks the SMG with mastery and gains craft bonus with it. No longer has craft bonus with shotguns.
    - Mechanic now unlocks the auto shotgun with mastery and gains craft bonus with all shotguns.
    - Hunter now unlocks the Sniper Rifle recipe.
    - Tweaked loot a little so Pistol/Double Barreled Shotgun/Hunting Rifle should now be easier to find.
    - Added random supply crates mod.
    - Added Sirillion's "No Crosshairs" mod (this mod is DISABLED by default, but can be turned on)
    - Patched DF with "Hardcore Mode". This can be enabled by uncommenting code in Mods/1-D...

  • Discussions on balance

    If you've got the feeling that a perk is overpowered or need help to change them to your liking, comment here....

  • Suggestions and ideas for additional perks

    If you have any ideas and want to suggest them for me to implement them as perks, post them here....

  • Titan Kitana

     Apocalyptic Weapon For Zombies and Harvesting Meats...

  • How to prevent crafting of invulnerable blocks and special items (For admins)

    If you are server admin and don't want other players to craft invulnerable blocks or special items there is a way to prevent that. It requires a little modification on a modlet file (xml) but it is not that hard, I tried to explain everything but I can help further if needed.

    First locate this modlet's installation folder, it will be in your Steam game installation directory;

    ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\special_things_by_hsngrms\Config\

    You need to edit recipes.xml file.

    Delete only mentioned lines, nothing more nothing less.

    Then find these lines at top of text and delete.


    <recipe name="forgedInvulnerableGlass" count="1"...

  • RNG be gone

    The game handles stats (like entity damage) in a way where it has a certain baseline and then adds or subtracts a random factor (for example going from -15 to +15) to it.  In this mod I changed it so that quality 1 will always use the lowest factor (so in the above example a quality 1 weapon has -15 to entity damage) while quality 6 uses the highest factor. This results in weapon damage scaling heavily with the quality of the weapon. A quality 1 weapon can not be better than a quality 6 weapon anymore. And all stats of the same quality are the same. The mod affects weapons, tools, armors and clothes. Since clothes have no quality level, the thermal resistances were simply maxed out. So basically: If you dislike the RNG stats like me, get this mod :)...

  • Firearms Expansion 2

    hi everyone, 

    Another alpha means another Firearms Expansion!!
    So here it is, Firearms Expansion 2 for 7 days to die A19!!

    After the success of the first version for alpha18 I've decided to make another version for the new alpha19.
    This version includes 7 guns, some of them from the old A18 version of the mod and some of them new.

    Hope you like playing with this mod as much as I do, so have fun!!


  • FAWK - Insanity

    This mod makes 7 Days to Die A19 really challenging by adding more roaming zombies and increasing horde night difficulty. Additional custom items, mods and zombies adds some new flavor....

  • Compatibility issue with other mods

    Sorry guys, but I have to do some code changing to make sure its not conflicting with the creature, mech, human pack. Sins I was using it as an example it was also using that way their code.

    So I have to do some coding and then it will be back online tonight...