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Overhaul Mod for 7 Days to Die

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  • Ukrainian

V5.1.4(B64) r10.27.2017 Alpha 16.4 (b8)

V5.1.7 A16.4 Features:

  • Farming-Grow Wheat and Apple Crops
  • Farm Perk - Unlocks Farming
  • Schematics - Several New Books to Find and Read
  • Buffs - Several new and modified buffs
  • Fishing - Craft your own Fishing Rod and Catch some fish in any water body
  • Ores - Tungsten, Copper, and Zinc Ores
  • Ore Mining - Redone Ore Distribution
  • Magazines - Only Gain Skill Points
  • Rest System - After a Hard days work your character will get tired.  Rest on a bed to Regain your strength.
  • GUI - Updated New GUI Featuring more info on screen, WIP
  • Health Items - Several new items such as the Trauma First Aid Kits, Bandages, Vitamins, Leg Booster Shots and more
  • Foods - Several new Food items such as Meat Pies, Bread, Apple Pies.  Plus Each animal has its own meat such as Raw Pig, Raw Rabbit, etc
  • Drinks - Several new Drink items such as Mossy Brew, Green Tea and Apple Juice plus more
  • Survivors -  NPC's that won't attack you unless you attack first.  Will attack Zombies, Bandits and Wildlife
  • Immunity System - Higher Immunity Level you are the harder it is for you to obtain infection or sickness type buffs
  • Biomes - Have been updated with less grass in desert biomes, more trees in forest biomes, unique resource rocks in certain biomes.  Also new resource pile prefabs as well as Random Crate POI to find in the wild
  • Weather - More harsh snow and desert biome, Forest can get a little cold too.  More Rain in some biomes and higher chance for snow in snowy Biome.

  • UMA Boss - Mechanic Joe - Automotive Loot
  • UMA Boss - Doctor Anne - Medical Loot
  • UMA Boss - Builder Bob - Building Supplies Loot
  • UMA Boss - Housewife Marianne - Special Loot
  • UMA Boss - Investigator Henry - Mid Tier Weapons Loot
  • UMA Boss - Thug Billy - High Tier Weapons Loot
  • UMA Boss - Librarian Sarah - Schematic Loot
  • UMA Boss - Accountant Zoe - Specialized Loot
  • Crawler Zombies - More Standard Crawling Zombies
  • Bandits - NPC's that will attack you or other zombies
  • Snow Zombies - 2 UMA Snow Zombies based on A11 Zombies
  • 7th Night Hordes - Overhauled Hordes with Zombie Bosses
  • UMA Spider Zombies - Spawns as a Horde every so ofte

  • Overhauled Loot System
  • Overhauled Trader Loot
  • Overhauled Zombie Loot
  • Player Level determines Loot that can be obtained
  • 8 New Treasure Quests - 15 Total In Game
  • 3 New Chain Quests - 4 Total In Game
  • 42 New Challenge Quests - 56 Total In Game
  • Skills and Perks - Several new ones to unlock

  • Armor - Full sets of Kevlar, Steel and Tungsten Armor
  • Recipes - For Military and Hazmat Armor
  • Clothing - Several New Cold and Warm Weather clothing as well as color combos
  • Blocks - Iron and Tungsten Blocks
  • Doors - Steel, Tungsten and House Doors
  • Flares - Spawn Specialized Crates
  • Guns - FAMAS, Desert Eagle, Baretta Shotgun, M25 Sniper Rifle, and Remington 8
  • Melee Weapons - Tungsten Club, Steel and Tungsten Machetes, Gold Tipped Knives and Machetes
  • Tools - Tungsten Pickaxe, Fireaxe, and Shovel, Diamond Tipped Pickaxe and Fireaxe
  • Ammo Types - Hollow Point and NATO Bullets
  • Hardwooden Bow - With new Tungsten Arrows, and Exploding Tungsten Arrows
  • Steel Crossbow - With new Tungsten Crossbow Bolts and Flaming Tungsten Crossbow Bolts

  • Tailoring Station - Craft Fabric Type Armor
  • Armor Smithing Station - Craft Metal Type Armor
  • Clothing Station - Craft Clothing Items
  • Torch (Station) - Torches Placed on walls turn into a station requiring fuel for it to work
  • Blueprint Station - Craft Schematics
  • Weapon Smithing Station - Craft Weapon Parts
  • Mortar and Pestle - Craft Seed Recipes and more
  • Oil Production Block - Place-able Block that produces Oil over time

Mod is EAC Safe. I made this Mod by myself on the side from my Full Time Job.
I will update it as much and as often as I can or at least keep everyone posted on progress.
Would also Like to thank the community here for a lot of great ideas and mods as they have
given me inspiration to make my own.

Any Feedback or bug reports are welcome here.  When reporting bugs please try and post with your output log file located in your install location under the "7DaysToDie_Data" Folder

Special Thanks:
To Sirillion for the SMX UI Mod
To Valmar for the SMX UI Layout
To Magoli for providing me the Combo Pack to use with my Mod
To Sphereii for his Mod Launcher
To DreamSmith for Testing Upcoming Versions
To The 7 Days to Die Community