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A full mod that has over 1000+ items and blocks, give it a try and you will never go back to a un-modded versions again!

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Version 4.8
Steam Group HERE

*All prefabs from 12.5 have been added to the mod and work in A13.*Added 2 new work stations for Soldier and Smithy - will be adding more shortly.*Making a military grade weapon is now changed.*Anything the pimps took out of the game, i tried to bring back.

Game Styles
Single Player - I have changed how single player works. you will now get all classes and all chests from those professionsCommunity Player - You can choose 2 professions of your choice and can get 1 crate per profession. You will need to work with others to play in this style.

We are working on this list right now - for now im going to make a how to video for you guyz!


How-To Install
To install this mod all you have to do is take the folders within the file you downloaded and paste them into the main directory of 7 Days to Die.
Here is a Step by Step

After downloading the mod and unpacked the file, you will see 2 folders and a text document, which is this file.Select the 2 folders (Mods, Data), right click after selected, and copy or cut the folders. Paste these 2 folders within the 7 Days to Die main directory. Replace all files.
This location is usually

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die

This depends on where you installed the game. An easy way to find out is to search your computer for "7 Days To Die".For dedicated server, check your provider for the how to install a mod.If your running a dedicated off your computer, just do the same as the the above information just put it in the server 7 Days to Die directory.

Mine looks like;
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server

So that’s it, after you have pasted these files in the folders you can start playing.

People wanted me to add a "Whats in the mod?" Type of info , and this is where i will put some of it. Reason only some is, if i was to put everything here.... the forum post would tell me NO, too many words. So i will do my best!
Fishing(8 Types of fish)
Melee Power Attack(Not with all weapons)
Compo-Pack for Random Gen
12 New Types of trees(including logs and lumber of its type)
11 Professions
Locked Recipes Based on Professions
Community Type Player and Single Player Type Settings
Admin Tools
Garbage(Turns into Plastic)
22 New Guns
13 new Bows or crosbows
579 Custom Icons

Gonna save some time here

New Ammo types(Arrows and Bolts included)
Military Quality Guns
Bows Have Parts
Electrical Traps
Acid wells under the ground
Different Types of Vegetables
Tons of New Food
Every Bullet has its own casing and Tip
Machines(Farmer,Dew Collector,Miner)
Animal Traps(Every Animal)
Alchemy Pot(Change Ore To Another Type)
Warlock Zombie
Craftable Batteries
Kevlar(Armor Set)
New Armors
New Melee Weapons
Different Ways of crafting recipes
Survivor Notes(EXP Boost)
Research Papers/Books (This is how you learn recipes)
Lights Turn On
Propane Tanks

This is it for now.. i will add more soon.. Remember this is not everything in my mod - just some things!