7 Days To Die
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This mod improves upon the Animal Tracker perk by re-adding level 4 and 5 to be able to track nearby ZOMBIES and PLAYERS. Level 4 which requires Perception level 9 unlocks ZOMBIE and ZOMBIE ANIMAL tracking. Level 5 which requires Perception level 10 unlocks the ability to track other PLAYERS in your game that are NEARBY.

Permissions and credits
This perk functions the same as the original Animal Tracker perk. Meaning you have to crouch for 2-5 seconds so that the perk searches what's near you. If something within your level on the perk is nearby a 20 second buff timer will activate and will stay active while crouching. Level 1-3 are the same as the original perk with the exception of added distance tracker to onscreen icon. Level 4 will show all nearby zombies and zombie animals. However, sleeper zombies do not appear until you spawn them by entering POIs. Boss type zombies(Legendary Businessman, Demolisher, Grace, ect...) will show up in yellow instead of red. Level 5 will show all nearby players as a red arrow icon. Shown distances for the onscreen icon for players has been reduced compared to zombies and animals to not make the perk too OP. This mod is a SERVER WIDE mod so it DOES NOT require client side install if you're installing it to a server. Added an option for only zombie tracking to removed player tracking. This mod was made for A19.