7 Days To Die
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Extra attribute and skills to spend some skill points and specialize

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Generic perks for 7 days to die

New attribute: Generic - 10 lvl
+maxHealth and maxStamina 1-2-3-4-5-7-9-11-13-16

New skill: Melee Weapon Mastery - 5 lvl
+% to melee weapons entity dmg and attack speed 5-25%

New skill: Ranged Weapon Mastery - 5 lvl
+% to ranged weapons entity dmg and headshot dmg 5-25%

New skill: Melee Weapon Mastery - 5 lvl
+% to tools block dmg, attack speed 5-25%
+% to tools harvest count 10-50%

Extra perk ideas:
+ entity dmg - headshot - dismemberment
- entity dmg + attack speed
-items wearout

Ideas welcome :D