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A mod creation and editor app with automatic Xpath command (Set, SetAttribute, Remove, Append, InsertBefore, and InsertAfter) capabilities! Search the game files or mod files using the search trees. The search trees come with many helpful features to aid modders. Also makes file management a breeze! All with a clean, XML color formatted view.

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Welcome to 7 days to Die Mod Edit!


XML/Xpath generation app with full Xpath command capabilities (Set, SetAttribute, Remove, Append, InsertBefore, and InsertAfter)! Out of the box this application allows the manipulation of multiple objects at once, from multiple game files that saves everything to a game ready mod folder structure. It also has features to search, view  and completely modify other mods and modlets that are xml. 

With this app you generate XPath to the in game xml objects rather than editing and writing directly.  It also offers color coded tree views, with better tools to search, find and manipulate the existing objects. All input boxes are also automatically filled with common used attributes from the original file for easier discovery and addition of those common attribute in the generated xml. With everything color coded making it easy to understanding and easy on the eyes as well!

 A true Mod editor for 7 Days to Die!

Launch SevenDaysToDieModCreator.exe
A typical program flow:
- Start the application
- Set a custom tag
- Load necessary xml files from the Game Config directory. Example: Load the recipes.xml file
- Add completely new objects using the "Add New Object" button in the left window pane.
- Search the existing objects using the search trees in the right window pane.
- Here you can also target existing objects for object manipulation. Right click on an object and select the appropriate command.
- View generated XML instantly in the Center View Panel
- When the generated xml looks good click "Save ALL XMLs"
- If Auto Move is on the files will be instantly copied to the chosen directory.
- If this is the correct Game Folder "Mods" then the mod should be ready to use in game.

The app will also provide many internal hints and tips.

Love the game 7 days to die by the fun pumps! I've been following it since Alpha 2 and it is now in Alpha 18. Just an amazing game. Way back in 2011 when I first started playing the game, I discovered then it was possible to mod the game through the XML files. That's where 7d2d Mod Edit comes in!  My goal is to make modding and editing 7d2d mods easier for everyone.

Special Notes

For more info on what to expect in future releases see the TODO section of the README in the docs section. 

At its core this application is simply an xml generator with tools to assist in creating xml  needed for long EXISTING xml files. It does so making the assumption you have some understanding of Xpath and Xml. What that means is I CANNOT guarantee the generated xml will work as intended in game.
The xml generated should be thought of as reliable but needing caution on its exact implications in game. There are many tutorials on Xpath and Xml online if you get confused or your mod is not working as intended. 

It is worth noting that I tested the xml output in its raw form and did not test in game. What that means is there could be potential issues with the output xml. I did my best to mitigate issues within the code but I did notice rare occasions where some actions on objects were available when the action is not possible. One example is a tag without an identifying attribute will give most actions but it is not possible to target. The user can select the object for append for instance and the app produces xml but in reality the xml xpath will not target correctly because there is no identifier. 

Fully Standalone Windows Application
Must have the .NET framework installed

Just download the Archive and extract it to a Folder where you want the application to live.

Just delete the application and any generated files within the application "home" directory defined by you.

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