7 Days To Die

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Increased vehicle storage

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This modlet increases the storage on all vehicles :    bicycle from 9 to 40
minibike from 27 to 60
motorcycle from 36 to 80
gyrocopter from 45 to 100
                                                                                         4x4 truck from 81 to 120.

or you can download the all vehicle 120 slot storage mod

Mods using Lam's Attribute tree :

Faster tools perk
Experience perk
Gold digger perk
Run speed perk
Tier 6 crafting perkalso available in a stand alone version
Crafting speed perk
Faster smelting perk
Max HP perk
Max stamina perk
Power module perk
Loot bag drop chance perk
Auger,chainsaw booster perk
Zombie harvest Perk
Increased ammo clip perk

Stand alone perks :

Improved miner 69r
Treasure hunter adjustment
Improved lock picking

My other mods :

90 slot original slot size backpack
136 slot backback
200 slot backpack
250 slot backpack
420 slot backpack
Vehicle storage
improved solar and generator 
Night vision helmet module
speedy nail gun's
Admin public farm
Increased mod slots
Lam's UI
Increased installed module DMG
Indestructible planted seeds
Experience penalty removal from perks