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ROMERO-ISH ...Updated for Alpha 15.2b
UPDATED!!! now with better food, drink, and vitamins
dead bodies linger. Defenses Take more of a beating! weapons and armor last longer! Say bye bye to special Zed's, and more!

Permissions and credits

Drawn by "Salex"
UPDATE: Now compatible with Alpha 15.1

Do NOT use with a different version of the game.
If you break your stuff because you don't follow this simple instruction do not blame me!

Current Game Version the mod works with
a15.1 If you find any bugs in the mod please report them so I can fix the issue.


The Aim of this mod is simply to make the game a little more toward my liking by allowing for a more homesteader style of play. I have tried to do this without  breaking the real threat level of the zombies by making it so a player may feel more safe at home, yet still threatened while out in the wilds.
The mod is divided into four sections each represented by a file, change the one you want and leave the rest its up to you. No new items have been added, and things removed are the gore blocks and special zombies (NOT including the screamers or spiders).

okay so long time since the last update... sorry about that. On to business.
a few things are a little different this time around.

1. dogs are still in, so are a few instances of the zombie bear.

2. food and drink replenish much more thirst and hunger.
    *this has caused a small issue... you will not eat as often, or as much. So increasing your wellness would take much longer, however...

3. Doubled the wellness gained from taking vitamins.

I personally prefer mass hordes of shambling mindless undead, an I am not a fan of special zombies. So I have taken out the cops, dogs, hornets, zombie bears, burnt zeds, and ferals. However if you like these Mob types simply do not overwrite the entitygroups.xml file and you will still have
these mobs.

entityclasses.xml __
Zed's no longer climbing walls or ladders, bodies staying in the game world 16 times longer and feral zombies health reduced by 2/3. All this is contained in the entityclasses.xml file. Don't like these changes simply do not overwrite the file.

This mod changes a variety of things, but most important of which is the zed's ability to destroy your buildings and tear through walls. With
this mod High quality walls (like concrete) will withstand much much more of a beating, and  low quality walls will still provide a safe
haven for a time. The zed's will still get through... it will just takethem way longer (especially if you're repairing the walls from the inside).
_____As of 14.5 the zombie block damage has been reduced by 75%______
Repairing most items that are fixed with Repair Kits now generally only uses one Repair Kit. All weapons, tools, and clothing durability has been increased by 500%. All this is contained in the items.xml file. Don't like these changes once again simply do not overwrite the file.

This loot pool includes medicine, guns, ammo, books (Skill books too), and junk... mostly junk (so don't think your gonna get rich doing nothing but killing zed's). Also the new loot list includes weapons parts for nearly all weapons in the game including ak47 and rocket launcher.
the loot modification is contained in the file loot.xml so if you don't want it just don't overwrite it.

Please leave a comment on what you liked/disliked about the mod (constructive criticism only if you please), so I may make the mod better.
Thank You, and if you like the mod endorsements are much appreciated.


(Sorry but install instructions are per windows only. I don't know anything about Mac or Linux.)

FILES CHANGED: (this mod edits original game config files..)

These files are located in the folder ... Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config
The download contains a .zip file. Contents as such...

\Data\Config\(the Files).xml

in Steam games library right click on the 7DaystoDie game. From the drop-down menu select "Properties"
In the Properties window select the header "Local Files". Then select "Browse Local Files".
This will open up the folder ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die

WARNING: Before proceeding to the next step Backup your current config files just in case.

Now open the zip and copy the "data" folder to  ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die    that you just opened up.
Windows will ask if you want to overwrite the files, overwrite the ones you want to use per description above. Enjoy!