7 Days To Die
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Improves molotovs and flaming arrows/darts

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First of all, a massive thanks has to go to @BFT2020 who gave me a few tips on how to fix my code, without them i would have never managed to complete this mod.
This mod significally improves molotovs as well as flaming arrows/bolts to make them more reliable for late game stages, especially on higher difficulty!

List of changes:
Their total damage over time is now roughly 120% higher
Their duration got also increased!
Molotovs went from 16 to 20 seconds (25 seconds with the fireman perkbook)
Arrows/Darts went from 14 to 16 seconds (21 seconds with the fireman perkbook)
Additionally, setting a zombie on fire, now slows it down for the entire duration!

P.S: i lowered the damage against blocks of all explosives that are supposed to be used against zombies, the value is set to 0 but the minimum damage will always be 1, can't do anything about it.
Note: the visual stats of the items are still vanilla! I couldn't be arsed enough to change them, maybe in the future though. Also, the slow works only against zombies! The increased damage and duration will also affect players.

I hope you enjoy letting out your inner pyromaniac in the zombie apocalypse!

server side only
should be EAC friendly.
I am also not taking responsibility for eventual conflicts, this mod includes a buffs.xml file that improves molotovs and flaming arrows/darts, so you got warned!