7 Days To Die

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Consolidated Mod Pack of all of my Prefabs Converted to A21 (40 in total - three new one's with this release). This is a Mod - and should be installed in your Appdata Mod Folder.

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NEW UPDTE (09-APR-2024)!

Consolidated Mod Pack of all of my Prefabs Converted to A21.   This is packaged as a Mod - and should be installed in your Appdata Mod Folder, or game mod folder - as you would with other Mods.  For server 's, this mod will need to be loaded on both the Server and Client (Players) sides.  

This pack includes 40 Prefabs - three of which have been added to this release.  (09-APR-2024) :  Added new POI's and many decor assets)

  • Basilica Cistern
  • Dialogue Towers
  • FacePalm Inc
  • Maunsel Forts
  • Michael Felps Mansion
  • Mid-Century Modern Home 01
  • Mid-Century Modern Home 04
  • Mike’s Air BNB
  • Monkey Fightin’ Sneks
  • Moon Obelisk 2001
  • O. D. Hugh Manatee Dirigible
  • Petra Temple – Indian Jones
  • Rad Cave
  • Rainbow Bunker
  • Rave Cave
  • Rose Abbey
  • Skeletor Hermitage
  • Skywalker Homestead
  • Step Well
  • Spooky Rubble
  • Svalbard Global Seed Vault
  • Swingers Pad
  • The Crystal Cave
  • The Flying Wallendas Homestead
  • The Iron Maze
  • Trader Borg (Bob)
  • Trader Hugh
  • Trader Jen
  • Trader Joel
  • Trader Rekt
  • Temple Multi-Trader
  • Wight Multi-Trader
  • Boulder House
  • Maunsel Forts, hand-placement version for custom maps in water
  • Container Stilt Market, hand-placement version for custom maps in water (no RWG)
  • Container Stilt Fort, hand-placement version for custom maps in water (no RWG)
  • Pubic Libary
  • Ayesoar Mannor
  • Bridge House
  • Quarry House


Change Log:

  • Added   <property name="DuplicateRepeatDistance" value="10000" />"  settings to Rose Abby, Temple Trader, and Maunsel Forts To limit repeats
  • Fixed some block stability issues in Rave Cave
  • Fixed lootable Ceiling in Wight Trader
  • Removed test prefab

  • Nerfed 'decor' ore blocks to limit resource harvesting
  • Lowered book loot in the Rose Abby
  • Modified Trader Hugh and Jen to make it easier to access
  • Added helipad to Temple Multi-Trader
  • Changed switches in AirB&B
  • Fixed rotated Light in AirB&B
  • Fixed snake bug in Basilica Cistern
  • Fixed ShowClearCount property for Maunsel Forts
  • Fixed missing sinks in Maunsel Forts
  • Fixed keyswitch - locked fridge room in Dialogue Towers

  • Added new RWG POI - BoulderHouse01
  • Added modified version of Maunsel Forts for custom map, hand-placement in water
  • Added two new POI's specifically for hand-placement in custom maps (will not generate in RWG)
  • Fixed 'ghost' snake bug in Snek Cave POI.

  • Added new Pubic Libary POI
  • Added new area rug decor assets
  • Added new wall ivy decor assets
  • Added new wall and floor stain and damage decor 'decals'
  • Added new graffiti decor assets
  • Added Kinyajuu commemorative bust and graffiti assets
  • Edited existing POI's with new decor assets
  • Removed hidden mines in the Temple Trader
  • Fixed early spawning of sleepers in several POI's

  • Added new Ayesoar Mannor POI
  • Added new Bridge House POI (with custom Tile)
  • Added new Quarry House POI (with custom Tile)
  • Added new custom Furniture decor blocks - which can be picked-up and placed
  • Modified blood stain and crack/stain decor blocks so they can be destroyed
  • Modified Area Rug blocks so they can be picked up/destroyed and placed
  • Rebalanced spawning rates of all POI's so there is better distribution (not so many of the same ones in any single city) 
  • Fixed Localization data for Rose Abby and Spooky Rubble POI's