7 Days To Die

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Harvesting tools can now swing faster with the Big and Fast Perks

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*Alternative version which utilise "Miner 69er" Perk now available*

Alpha 21 has split the Flurry of Blows perk into each of the Attribute Tree for each weapons class, yet the harvesting tools (Axes, Pickaxes, and Shovels) are once again not benefited from this, even though there's the "Big and Fast" perk for the clubs and Sledgehammers. Surely if you can swing a Steel Sledgehammer fast, you can swing a Steel Pickaxe with the same ferocity. This mod will fix that. 

  • The Big and Fast Perks are now applied to axes, pickaxes, and shovels of all variants, making mining more time efficient.
  • The main description of the perk and descriptions at each level have been updated

*NEW* Alternative Version:
  • Gain attack speed increase via "Miner 69er" Perk instead of the "Big and Fast" Perk
  • Slower progression (5 levels instead of 3), but more balanced as it ties to the reduction of stamina use for each perk level
  • Not recommended to use with the main file, as the combined increase in attack speed will be too excessive


*Warning* With quicker swings, your stamina will also likely to be drained quicker. So be prepared!!!

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