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If you want to play in a more realistic zombie apocalypse instead of nuclear mutant zombies then this mod is for you. also many other changes in items and etc.

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7 Days to die Survival Zombie Apocalypse Overhaul

Attention: For version 15. not tested on version 14.x.


I made this mod for those who like to play in a survival zombie apocalypse and not nuclear mutant zombies, head shots will be more powerful cause that is zombies very weak point and should have been deadly. also there will be no more animal zombie because i think it will be more realistic fore some reasons. Animals will spawn more often, no mutant zombies, zombies cant eat blocks that fast and many other changes that i listed them here.'


  • All headshots (melee or ranged weapons) double damage bonus
  • All melee weapons 20% range increased(Except hand and wrench)
  • More zoom for wooden bow and crossbow
  • Added buff chances for:
    • Club wood: Sprained leg

    • club iron: Sprained leg
    • Sledgehammer: broken Leg
  • Zombies do less damage to blocks (still much more than players bare hand)
  • Zombies have less chance to do some buffs
  • Zombies Removed:
    • Feral Zombies
    • Spider Zombies
    • Burnt Zombies
    • Zombie Screamers
    • Hornets
    • Zombie Dogs
    • Zombie Bears
  • Fat Zombie Cops Will spawn half as before
  • Zombies can't climb ladders anymore
  • Zombie corpses will stay 10 times longer (5-7.5 minute real time), animals 2 time (10 min) and backpack 6 times (120 min).
  • Small animals may spawn in cities-towns
  • More animals will spawn in the world
  • Animals will spawn in forest, pine forest, plains and snow will be more than desert, wasteland and burnt forest

Version 1.01:

  • Fixed a bug in "entitygroups.xml" that causes no zombies spawn in the world.

Extract the zip file, copy files and paste them in "\7 Days To Die\Data\Config" to replace the old files.
** It is recommended to backup the old files first.

Please leave comment if anything in your mind about this mod or any change you desire. Don't forget to Endorse. Hope you enjoy the game.