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Increases vehicle speeds and acceleration.

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Vehicle Speeds Increased

About this Modlet:

Increases vehicle speeds to a more realistic speed.

Value changes:
  • Bicycle: 5,10 to 10,15. Roughly 50-60% faster
  • Minibike: 7,10 to 12,15. Roughly 50% faster
  • Motorcycle: 9,14 to 15,27. Double the speed. Fastest land vehicle in the game when holding Shift.
  • 4x4 Truck: 9,13 to 14,25. 50%-90% faster.
  • Gyrocopter: 7,10 to 7,45. Very very fast when holding shift. Adjust value lower if performance takes a hit.

Adverse Effects and counters:
  • With increasing the speeds, comes a bit of an odd effect. Especially on the motorcycle. It's best to use WSAD controls when operating at high speeds, as mouse steering can cause the bike to rock back and forth very quickly when moving. To enter WSAD steering controls, simply click the left mouse button once.
  • Gyro has a very hard time taking off at high speeds. It's suggest you accelerate to flight without holding Shift, and use shift when in the air.

How to install:
  • Navagate to your 7 Days to Die Directory (default: C:/ProgramFiles86/Steam/Steamapps/Common/7DaystoDie)
  • Right click anywhere in your MAIN directory (not Data/Configs, not 7DaysToDie_Data), and create New Folder 
  • Name New Folder: Mods.      Our directory should look similar to something like this
  • Download entire mod pack via GitHub or other Trusted source (I only share via Discord, and GitHub. For my personal mods, do not trust any other source unless verified by me)
  • Drag and Drop Vehicle Speeds modlet into 7 Days To Die/Mods folder. Our modlet named "Vehicle Speeds" should show up under the mods directory like so
  • To confirm proper boot, upon loading into a map/server, press F1, and you should see our mod load with the following line: 
`2018-12-28T22:36:15 2.709 INF [MODS] Trying to load from Vehicle Speeds`
`2018-12-28T22:36:15 2.709 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: Backpack (1.0)`