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Firearms 2. A massive expansion, done right, to Firearms. Complete with designated crafting tables, animations, new icons, round variation, and more!

Permissions and credits
Weaponry Mod!

Beta version 0.1

This is a combined project of Firearms and Melee, with some unrealistic elements removed. The goal of this project is to provide the player with a vast array of weaponry to choose from, and fully customize to their liking!

Will be updating this as I go with lots more information. 


BIG BIG BIGGGGGGGGGGG CHANGES! Massive! This is shockingly, going to appease all crowds. I have no idea how I managed to do it, but HOPEFULLY, everyone will be happy here!So I've read and took all your comments and critiques to heart. Two main groups I heard from for A17 was:
- There are FAR to many ammo types for the guns, and it's cluttering up the loot tables
- There are not enough mod options for the guns
So with this in mind, I decided to take a very very unique approach to guns and how they are handled in game.

First and foremost. Ammo problem! Holy shit the amount of ammo, it's insane right? But thats real life folk. Can't just pick up a gun and slap any ol' round into her. I like to design my work pretty "realistic", well at first. Now in A18 it's time for fun with guns ;)Every single weapon you find, will be a 22LR or 9x19mm Round replica of said gun. They will take ALL the mods I create, full function from pickup, fully repairable, etc. They are "normal" guns, so to say. But only 2 ammo types. 22Lr and 9x19mm (minus shotguns). So this will be a lot easier to manage on everyones end.

Now, what about wanting to expand your firearm to its fullest potential? That is where this next part really shines! Once you find the 22Lr/9x19 variant of the gun, you can reverse engineer it, and destroy the weapon, to learn how to craft it. From this crafted version, you can FULLY customize every single aspect of the Firearm. From the range, to rate of fire, recoil, everything, on every single last Firearm.

This is more expansive version of what I am bringing to you now, called "Weaponry". You will notice, a few basic tools and melee weapons now stuck in Firearms. This is the future. All things that go bang, and smash some skulls! Fully customizable, fully expandable! A full arsenal of true weaponry to bring you nothing but cranage and mayhem in the upcoming apocalypse!

Ladies and gents. This is only the beginning. Not only will my work be one massive package of carnage for everyone, but I will also be providing a library thanks to Nexus, of individual guns and melee weapons, for your personal download selection. Maybe you don't want over 70 guns and 25 melee weapons? Maybe you just want a few to spice up vanilla? Well soon that will be an option! Stay tuned for more developments and exciting announcements!

For all Information, please go directly to the new Wiki:
Wiki: Information and Guide

Requires Alpha 18e version of 7 Days to Die. Will not work on A17.4 or lesser.
Suggested for minigun that you have decent framerates. Pixle textures on fire may cause FPS drops in lower end clients.
Some guns will skip your game upon loading in the hotbar. Their file size is quite large. Fix coming soon hopefully.


Updating Existing Worlds with old versions of Firearms: 

It is entirely possible to play your OLD WORLD. The only thing you will lose, is your players current level and skills. Now, important steps if you are going to UPDATE the old Firearms Modlet:
  • Remove ALL Firearms related assets (guns, ammo, targets) from your world. Despawn them, do not just put them in a chest.
  • Remove all belongings to your character, put them in a secure place in your home
  • Remove the old Firearms Modlet, place new one in your Mods folder
  • Load back into the game. You will most likely be a fresh spawn out in the wild. No worries. Hit F1. Type 
  • giveselfxp 10000
  • hit enter.
This will give you 1 level. Each level is roughly 10-20% more xp (not sure on exact values) then the one before it. So level 2, would be around 22,000, rather then 20,000. Adjust accordingly to regain your old levels back. 
Known bugs:
  • Animations run off a bool call (not using scripting). They are all on timers. Sometimes, skills such as faster reloads, might make the animation go fast or slow in accordance with hand movement. I attuned the speeds based on the guns "unlock" level. Finding a M98 early game, might show a slower animation. This will fix itself as you get near the appropriate level
  • Audio might be too high, or too low. Currently in the process of adjusting levels. Feedback would be amazing. I am hard of hearing myself, too many guns IRL :P Nothing legally disabling me. Just god awful range in volume/pitch.
  • AR15 has crappy scopes. Need to break the model apart in 3ds. Will be patched eventually
  • Explosive Ammo has no physical graphical effect
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to install
  • Navagate to your 7 Days to Die Directory (default: C:/ProgramFiles86/Steam/Steamapps/Common/7DaystoDie)
  • Right click anywhere in your MAIN directory (not Data/Configs, not 7DaysToDie_Data), and create New Folder 
  • Name New Folder: Mods.      Our directory should look similar to something like this
  • Download entire mod pack via GitHub or other Trusted source (I only share via Discord, and GitHub. For my personal mods, do not trust any other source unless verified by me)
  • Drag and Drop Firearms modlet into 7 Days To Die/Mods folder. Our modlet named "Firearms" should show up under the mods directory like so
  • To confirm proper boot, upon loading into a map/server, press F1, and you should see our mod load with the following line: 
`2018-12-28T22:36:15 2.709 INF [MODS] Trying to load from Firearms`
`2018-12-28T22:36:15 2.709 INF [MODS] Loaded Mod: Firearms (1.0)`

For more information, or general help:
A special thankyou!
A special thankyou to the following people, without their help, advice, and guidance this work would not be possible. These people are the backbone to our community, lending their skills to us all so we can complete amazing pieces of art for everyone to enjoy! Very much respect and admiration for these creators!






My amazing Testers. A few in particular. CJ and Galaktus for providing me with such amazing feedback, and often. These two have tested extensively for me, and gave me some of the best bug reports I've ever had. Thankyou both very much for all your help!
All assets are paid/licensed for free use/royalty free.