7 Days To Die
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A simple mod that allows one to craft quality 6/legendary items in a balanced way.

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This is a simple mod that allows one to craft Quality 6/ Legendary Tiered items in a balanced way in Alpha 21.


This is a xml mod, that increases the cap to maximum amount of books one can read,(e.g.: In vanilla, one can craft a T5 Steel Spear when they have completed reading 75 books in that category, this mod increases the cap of 75 books to 84(in this case) where 84 will allow one to craft the T6 variant). Every vanilla levels are still the same for crafting(you still can craft a T5 stone spear at 10 books read, but this mod will allow you to also craft a T6 one with 13 books read).


You need to extract the contents of the zip file into your Mods folder. Install this manually as Vortex still has not updated their ModInfo.xml format for A21. It should be enough to have it installed only on the Server. It should be safe to add it in your existing world. But backing up your save before installing this mod is always a safer option.


This mod can be incompatible with any mod that changes the vanilla crafting skills in the progression.xml file.

And it may also be incompatible with any mod that adds item crafting based on the vanilla crafting skills system, as they may get unobtainable after one passes the vanilla books limit. If one finds such mods, report to me and I may upload a compatibility patch.

Compatibility Patches included for(they need to load after their original mods):

1. OCB Leveling Tool (A21)
2. OCB Claim Auto Repair Block (A21)
3. IZY`s A21 Shotgun Pack