7 Days To Die
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Removes most of the starter quest except for the bedroll. Still rewards the player with the 4 Skill Points.

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Update: replaced previous version with a zip file containing a subfolder and not just the mod files. 

The Long 8 tier quest chain of tedious gathering and crafting before the game gives you the location of the trader has been removed. 
Great for streamers/YouTubers and anyone else that will be restarting multiple times while we go through these unstable updates

The only thing you need to do is craft the bedroll and place it, then the rest of the quest chain is skipped and you get your 4 skill points and move on to the white River Trader quest. UPDATE: Now a stone Axe version is available, make the stone axe and not a bedroll. Since every needs the axe anyways

Not much else to explain.

Tested: Server Side only. (Only the hosting party needs this Mod Installed)

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