7 Days To Die
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Various modlets to help make 7d2d a little less "grindy".

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Donovan's 7 Days to Die Modlets

The goal is to create a less grindy experience in 7 Days to Die, so you can enjoy the other aspects of the game. As such, these mods only make changes to things like resource stack sizes and gathering, resource requirements, and experience requirements. Nothing has been changed to make the game "easier" in other ways.

The Modlets

These are all intended to work in unison, so feel free to mix and match to suit your needs, however, pay attention to any conflicts listed in the descriptions.

  • BetterPowertools - Makes the Chainsaw, Auger, and Nailgun way more useful
  • LessGrind - Increases the harvest amount of most methods and reduces some resource requirements
  • LevelFaster - Increases the experience gain on most items
  • CraftAcid - Craftable Acid
  • CraftJail - Adds the jaildoor back into the game as a craftable item
  • CraftBeaker - Adds the beaker as a craftable item from the forge (requires crucible)
  • BigStacks - Increases stack sizes a fairly reasonable amount (conflicts with MegaStacks)
  • MegaStacks - Increases stack sizes an unreasonably large amount (conflicts with BigStacks)
  • MorePerks - Increases the amount of perks points received per level by 2 (conflicts with MegaPerks)
  • MegaPerks - Increases the amount of perks points received per level by 4 (conflicts with MorePerks)
  • LongerLootbags - Decreases the decay rate on zombie lootbags from 5 to 30 minutes
  • MoreLootbags - Increases the drop rates on zombie lootbags (normal: 5%, feral: 10%, radiated: 20%) (conflicts with MegaLootbags)
  • MegaLootbags - Increases the drop rates on zombie lootbags (normal: 20%, feral: 50%, radiated: 80%) (conflicts with MoreLootbags)

Tested under game version: alpha 17.2 (b27)