7 Days To Die
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(A18 Version) Adds 8 panning security cameras and 2 CCTV wall monitors.

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Adds 8 panning security cameras and 2 CCTV wall monitors. Monitors do not require power but must be wired, but can then be unwired. Cameras require the same wiring/unwiring if you want them to pan. The cameras will either pan or aim forward based on pressing E. I cannot make them pause in mid-pan, as I'm not using code for any of this.

Monitors will rotate to the next camera image every 5 seconds unless you press E to pause it. The 5th screen shows all 4 cameras at once and you can also pause there. Monitor 1 shows cams 0-3, monitor 2 shows cams 4-7. 

You may use multiple copies and/or sizes of the monitors, but you can only have 1 of each camera number active. For example, if you place two camera zero's, only the last one placed will show on the monitor. Don't do this as each camera uses FPS.

Warning: Each camera used lowers FPS slightly so don't use more than your rig can handle :-) ... Be sure to have VSync "Off" as that seems to hurt FPS badly.

If the screens are too bright during the day make sure your gamma is set to default.  You will need lights for the camera to show details well at night now.  

You MUST turn off Occlusion in the Video Quality settings or the camera will cull (make invisible) somethings when indoors