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Adds attachments specific to the Auger and Chainsaw, which also have 8 slots at tier 6.
Upgrade your nail gun to the Quicker Fixer Upper.
All these added into the loot and progression tables!
Includes Elucidus Impact Wrench

Permissions and credits
*Thanks to RussianDood  adaptations introduced in 0.07 & 0.09
-for correcting the progression.xml so that it works
-noticing a case sensitive error in sounds
-loot table fixes
- description keys for schematics
-created a localization file and batch script to get them in game

*Thanks to Elucidus for allowing me to use the Impact Wrench as part of this mod and looking forward to adding some unique attachments meant for it!

*Thanks to Mayic for catching the error in my localization.bat that was removing the engineering entries from the vanilla localization file. This is now fixed, if you used this particular .bat file you may have noticed no entries in your engineering related items and abilities. Validate your steam folder and than redo your .bat files. I had used the word Engine rather than modEngine so all entries with Engine were being removed when running this .bat.

*Another thankyou to Mayic for letting me add his Drill Gun the motor tools mix! Would love to hear ideas on how to balance the drill gun and the impact wrench to make them compliment each other!

Contents of mod
Adds the 8 slots to the Chainsaw and Auger at tier 6 (***note this will not update your existing items and requires them to either be crafted or found new).
Quality damage bonus is added to the tools.

A recipe to upgrade the vanilla nail gun to a quicker version called the Quicker Fixer Upper
modEngineTurbo1 = 10% increase in speed
modEngineTurbo2 = 25% increase in speed
modEngineTurbo3 = 50% increase in speed

modGasTank1 = 25% increase in gas tank size
modGasTank2 = 50% increase in gas tank size
modGasTank3 = 100% increase in gas tank size

modReserveGasTank1 = 25% increase in gas tank size
modReserveGasTank2 = 50% increase in gas tank size
modReserveGasTank3 = 100% increase in gas tank size

modMotorToolExtension1 = 10% increase in range
modMotorToolExtension2 = 25% increase in range
modMotorToolExtension3 = 50% increase in range

modDiamondTip1 = 10% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood
modDiamondTip2 = 25% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood
modDIamondTip3 = 50% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood

modMotorToolSilencer = makes it so you can now mine and chop in peace. 

modChainsawTemperedFrame1 = 25% increase in degradation max and lower degradation per use
modChainsawTemperedFrame2 = 50% increase in degradation max and lower degradation per use
modChainsawTemperedFrame3 = 75% increase in degradation max and lower degradation per use
(***CAUTION the tempered frame is a permanent attachment and cannot be removed from the mod slot)

Future of the mod
1. Work towards balance - fun, and challenge
2. Changing recipes to reflect their nature to make it more immersive
3. Test the car battery in items.xml effect_group ModSlots to see if the batteries can be affected by a mod_item and if that can carry into the battery bank
4. Discover if a wider auger can be built and how those attributes work
5. Carbon Alloy Framing for the motortools to increase durability related values
6. Figure out how the tools affect the heatmap and if it can be separated from the sound values or if those are intrinsically linked. If it is separate and there is a heat specific value than a heat sink could be developed to soak up the heat rather than the Noise Dampner doing both.
7. Considering making a Reserve Fuel Tank attachment that would allow for a 2nd fuel tank attachment for even more fuel. 
8. Schematic icons built.
9. Recipes built/balanced and added into the progression tables.
10. loot.xml additions so the added items can be distributed.
11. Nail gun additions
12. Impact Wrench unique mods.
13. Get a lawnmower icon in and see if something in hold position could be a good candidate for a future model addition of a lawnmower.

Version History

0.10 see changelog and all future version changes will be included in there.
0.09 Feb 26th

-Adapting corrections outlined by RussianDood
-corrected loot.xml 
-had modMelee1 when it should have been modMeleeT1
-same modMelee2 and 3
-now there should be more occurrences of the mods appearing in loot.
-added in items.xml
-description keys for the schematics
-RussianDood compiled a localization file for the mod.
-adjusted economic values in loot.xml so there is more consistency
#1Schematics value 250
#2Schematics value 500
#3Schematics value 750

0.08 Feb 24th
-adds in a recipe for upgrading the nail gun to the Quicker Fixer Upper that increase repair speed
-adds a 6th slot to the Auger and Chainsaw for more attachments
-makes the extension blade and diamond blade compatible now
-minor fixes to recipes, loot, progression tables

0.07 Feb 23rd
-Thanks to RussianDood the progression and sound file should now work.

0.06 Feb 19th
-added in Reserve Gas Tank with icon and tints that can stack with the other Gas Tank for those that prefer more gas over the other attachments. (Currently keeping both using a percentage increase rather than hard number, but may change that)
-added tint to the customicon in diamond blades
-adding the progression file and putting the recipes in to be bound to the gating system.
-added tint to the gas tank 2, 3
-added Chainsaw Tempered Frame mod (be careful this is a permanent attachment to your chainsaw and you can't change it out.

0.05 Feb 17th
Adding in the modMotorToolSilencer and its icon- currently, a little op for my gaming taste and this will likely be nerfed in future versions

0.04 Feb 17th
adds in original icons for Better handles, Gas tank (looks too much like a present and will likely change),  and Engine Turbo. No stat changes at this time.

0.03 Feb 16th
Added in Better Handles to reduce kickback/recoil and added an icon for the auger blade.

0.02 Feb 16th
made 3 grades of each attachment and added 3 grades of Diamond tip for the auger
-modEngineTurbo1 = 10% increase in speed
-modEngineTurbo2 = 25% increase in speed
-modEngineTurbo3 = 50% increase in speed

-modGasTank1 = 25% increase in gas tank size
-modGasTank2 = 50% increase in gas tank size
-modGasTank3 = 100% increase in gas tank size

-modMotorToolExtension1 = 10% increase in range
-modMotorToolExtension2 = 25% increase in range
-modMotorToolExtension3 = 50% increase in range

-modDiamondTip1 = 10% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood
-modDiamondTip2 = 25% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood
-modDIamondTip3 = 50% increased block damage but -100% damage to wood

0.01 Feb 15th
Attachment mods for the Auger and Chainsaw:
Gas tank
50% increased gas tank
Engine Turbo
40% speed increase
Extended Reach
50% further reach

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