7 Days To Die
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Make candy at the campfire with a beaker or a cooking pot.

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For you people that are manually downloading my mod since I have to put my mods folder into another folder so vortex mod manager is able to install it don't just unzip my mod and throw it in the mods folder you have to get the folder that has the config folder and modinfo.xml in it. it is the one you want to put in your mods folder.

First this is a simple mod and should be compatible with any other mod. You can craft candy, recog, and fortbites at the campfire with a beaker. Since the main ingredient is honey I made it so for every jar of honey you get 20 candy. If you want more honey in your game get Oakraven Forest Collection beehives and you will have more honey if not you can always open my recipes.xml in a text editor like notepad or notepad++ and delete every line that has foodhoney in it. The recipes don't show up in the campfire fire but if you search for them they are there. This is a server side mod the client doesnt need to download. Otherwise survive and have fun.
To make things even easier I have added a version where you can craft candy with a cooking pot. Only download one.
When I open up my mod to be downloaded for vortex I forgot to repack my mods so vortex could handle them. It is fixed now.
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