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Fixed: Release version (1.02) of a modlet that introduces working televisions into the game.

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This mod adds 2 new televisions to the game: 

VideoTV is a large tabletop television that will play 3 video clips (or entire movies) in rotation. Like 3 TV channels. Best part is you can replace the 3 video files in the mods/resources folder with your own. 

TVWall is a wall mounted version setup to replace the existing small wall mounted televisions. Its currently set to replace 90% of them but that can be adjusted in xml. 

If you put down a land claim block you can pick these up by holding the E key. 


This is a modlet. Normal modlet install. If you swap out any of the videos, they must have the exact same name and file extension as the one you're replacing. Those names are hard coded. It won't like strange .mp4 encoding so keep it simple.

This is tested to work on dedi as well.

The Modlet can be found here:https://github.com/7D2D/A17Mods or in the ModLauncher. 

Change Log

Version 1.02 : Dedi server fix
Version 1.01 : pathing fix
Version 1.00 : Initial release 

Known Issues

Sometimes the sound plays for a few seconds if you enter the game next to a TV. This is because I need to active them on start as I can't use code to do that. Minor annoyance, but I will look for a workaround.

You need to activate a newly placed TV by attaching a wire to it, but you can immediately remove that wire. That is because I'm using the switch class and it expects a wire to the switch. No way to fix that without code.

Videos need to be in .mp4 format. 

I hope you enjoy this modlet.