7 Days To Die

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Lets you use lockpicks to unlock doors.

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This mod came about mostly as a way to allow closing doors in pre-existing structures that are open but "locked", but it can be used with any locked door in the same way as lockpicks are used to open locked storage chests.

Note that you cannot relock a picked door with this mod.

You can edit the item used to pick locks, the time taken to pick a lock, and the lockpick break chance in the config.

Alternatively, you should be able to set custom variables per door type via XML, by adding the following block properties to specific door types:

        <property name="LockPickItem" value="resourceLockPick"/>
        <property name="LockPickTime" value="15"/>
        <property name="LockPickBreakChance" value="0.75"/>

I haven't tested this, but I think it should work.


You can edit the config.json file once you have run the game with this mod installed. The config file is created in the mod's folder.


Easy Anti-Cheat must be disabled to use this mod.

To install, place the mod's folder in your game's Mods folder.

Source code is at https://github.com/aedenthorn/7D2DMods.

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.