7 Days To Die

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Looking to spice up your base? Looking to build that dream home? Look no more! We've added a huge amount of things you can add to your world.

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Most recent tested version: A20.3

Pick Up Lights
Most lights have been changed to allow you to pick them up! A new light helper block has been added too.
This will let you choose from a large assortment of lights for your home and base. You can also pick up lanterns found in the world!
(Looks best when used with Better Homes and Worlds - Power Plant wireless fuse box)

Visual Storage Containers
A large number of "Single Loot" containers (i.e. pile of books, ammo pile, food pile, etc.) have been added.
They have the same durability and locking options as a storage chest. They have been added to the Wood Furniture block.

Decorate with style with over 500 new blocks to choose from! 11 New Decoration helper blocks have been added along
with a number of blocks being added to existing helper blocks. All shop signs have been added (lit up and dark) including the post office signs.

New Helper Blocks
Light Block Helper
Road Signs
Shop Signs (Lit)
Shop Signs (No Light)
Decorations - Paper
Decorations - Cloth
Decorations - Stone
Decorations - Polymer
Decorations - Technology
Decorations - Gore
Decorations - Beds

Due to a change in how sorting works, the helpers no longer properly sort lists. This is a game issue and not a planning issue.

Barbed Wire Defense
Barbed Wire is back! Keep out zombies and pesky pirates with a tried and true defense system.

You can now follow the Better Homes and Worlds roadmap on Trello