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An XML mod for 7 Days to Die to make it feel like The Walking Dead.
Rebuilt from the ground up for Alpha 15

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October 12th, 2016 - A15 RELEASE!
Quick Info:
This mod is a simple gameplay and balance tweak. It is not a "content" mod, it is not a "variety" mod, it is not an "experimental" mod, a "uber difficulty" mod, a "easy time" mod nor a "silly" mod. This is a calculated, carefully designed tweak of 7 Days to Die to play like a Walking Dead themed survival game, with as few tweaks as possible! Every single tweak added in this mod is done very deliberately to achieve a deliberate effect. This mod has been rebuilt from the ground up a total of 5 times now, first designed for A9, and every time this mod became more and more refined. As of now, the main changes this mod makes is adding in realistic head damage, removal of 'special' and 'sexy' zombies, melee weapon reach modified to make them usable, tweaks to the bedroll to make it less of an omnipotent portable self replicator, zombies no longer running at night, regardless of setting, and finally, guns are more abundant. Real, whole guns. Ammo is still rare. 


Features of the Walking Dead Mod
  • Easy to transition to from the original game, but plays very differently!
  • Zombie Overhaul -  Walking Dead style, zombies are slow tanks, but headshots kill fast!
  • Melee Overhaul - No longer do arms reach longer then clubs!
  • New Buff System - Buffs last longer, hurt worse, and can really kill you!
  • Bronze Man - Near Iron Man play, respawning is no longer easy!
  • More Guns - Ammo is still quite rare, but WHOLE GUNS are a lot more common.
  • Loot and Scavenging Tweaks - Things that keep you alive are now actually hard to find!
  • No feral zombies, no night runners, no mutant zombies, no zombie animals, pure walkers!
  • Bosses exist still - Tougher versions of walkers, and even rare aggressive animals
  • Designed for casual play or expert level play depending on your in game settings!
  • Xpadder controller emulation layout/profile included!
  • New updates and content will be supported for all of A15!
  • No complicated install process, entirely XML based!


In game settings?:
Difficulty - Warrior / Survivalist / Insane
Day Length* - 1 hour / 1 hour / 1 hour
Loot Density - 100 / 50 / 25
Loot Respawn - Disabled / Disabled / Disabled
Drop on Death - Everything / Everything / Delete All
Zombie Density - High / Very High / Very High
Zombie Memory - 90 / 90 / 90
Airdrop - 7 Days / 7 days / Disabled

*You can also set the day length to 120 minutes, 90 minutes, or 30 minutes if you do not enjoy 1 hour days. This mod was balanced for one hour days, but these other lengths are tested and work as well! While you should primarily decide this based on personal taste of how fast time should pass, it is worth noting that 120 and 90 makes the game a bit easier, while 30 makes the game harder! However you should not simply pick longer or shorter day length based on the difficulty alone! "Survivor" on 1 hour days is the intended experience! However, do not force yourself into something that will only frustrate you! Finally, anything less then 30 minutes is NOT suggested.

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