7 Days To Die

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Pin recipes on your UI so you don't forget the ingredients. With additional QOL features to make crafting easier and more fun! Not EAC compatible.

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Harmony mod enabling to pin multiple recipes on the UI.
With additional QOL features to make crafting easier and more fun!
Good chance to be incompatible with other HUD mods!

  • Pin Multiple Recipes on to the side of your HUD.
  • Use scroll wheel on pins to change queued amount.
  • Use hammer icon to build recipe in open workstation/backpack.
  • Use "G" Hot-Key to grab required ingredients from open chests.
  • Double click on ingredients in the pins to queue them up too.
  • Press "Alt" and use scroll wheel to select alternative recipes.
  • Note: default "G" key-binding can be disabled/changed in xml.

This mod is not EAC compatible, so you need to turn EAC off!
Otherwise it should work on linux and also via vortex mod manager.
Should also work for multiplayer, but hasn't been tested that well yet.

Grab ingredients QOL feature

With version 0.6.0 I've added another Quality of Life feature.
Loot containers (e.g. your own storage chests) and vehicle
containers get an additional button next to the "sort container"
button. When you press this "grab ingredient" button, it will try
to load as many items from the container as the pinned recipes
require. For even more convenience, this action is also available
by pressing `G` while the container is open. This key-binding
can be adjusted (or removed) in the XML config if required.

Currently the same button is also shown as a hand above the
pinned recipes. This is mostly to make users aware of this
feature and might be removed in the future. It may also be
helpful if your UI overwrites the item stack controller.

Increment Recipe Count (via scroll wheel)

Instead of clicking the plus/minus icons to inc-/decrement
the amount to craft, you can also use your mouse scroll wheel
when hovering over the pinned recipe. Note that this works best
when hovering over the recipe name, as some elements seem
to consume the scroll event (just find the spot where it works).

When you hold down shift, the amount will increment faster.
By holding down alt you can scroll through alternate recipes.

Pin Recipe Ingredients (via double click)

If one of your pinned recipes needs an ingredient you need to
craft first, you can double click on the ingredient icon/number
and the first valid recipe will be added to your pinned list.


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