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This mod can increase FPS by using more threads of the CPU for Graphics jobs.
It works with A21. Extract to your 7DaysToDie directory and overwrite.

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It works with any version of 7 Days to die, including any other mods.

NOTE : Not compatible with EAC. (Easy Anti Cheat) Ensure it is turned off on both client & server. Only clients need the mod.

The mod can increase FPS by sometimes up to 30-50 by enabling a feature called Graphics Jobs that isn't enabled in the 7 days to die Unity Project.
Performance will vary.
Unzip in your 7 Days to Die folder and overwrite.

Performance Mod  (Any Version)Download

Technical babble:

In Unity, Graphics Jobs is a feature that, when enabled, allows for multiple native threads to generate graphics commands concurrently. Typically, these commands are used to tell the graphics API (like DirectX 12 or Vulkan) how to render scenes on the screen.
By default, Unity might use a single thread to process these commands, which can become a bottleneck, especially in complex scenes where there are a lot of drawing commands that need to be processed every frame.

  • Concurrent Command Generation: By using multiple threads to generate graphics commands, Unity can take advantage of multi-core processors to perform more work in parallel. This means that while one core is working on one set of commands, another core can work on a different set, reducing the time it takes to process all commands for a frame.
  • Native Format Command Recording: The commands are recorded in a native graphics API format (GCMD), which is directly understood by the graphics drivers and hardware. This avoids the overhead of Unity having to translate or interpret commands into a different format before they are sent to the graphics API.
  • Reduced API Overhead: With Graphics Jobs, commands are generated by directly calling GfxDevice functions, which means there's less overhead from Unity's end before the commands are submitted to the API. This streamlined process allows the graphics hardware to receive instructions more quickly and efficiently.
  • Platform-Specific Devices: Since the commands are translated into platform-specific instructions, such as DirectX 12 or Vulkan command buffers, they are optimized for the capabilities of the user's hardware. This means better utilization of the graphics card's features and potentially higher performance.

In summary, enabling Graphics Jobs in Unity allows for a more efficient use of the CPU and GPU, by parallelizing the work and reducing the overhead associated with preparing and sending drawing commands to the graphics API. This can lead to smoother frame rates and better performance in graphics-intensive applications.