7 Days To Die

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This Mod adds alot of new Consumable,Food,Drink,Weapon,Junk,Resources and so on. New Mechanics ,new Attributes and Perk to learn. Changes on Items, Enemys, Blocks and much more.
New Life Experience is affected by Fallout 4, well focus on a difficulty Gameplay for Ppl who want to Escape from the Vanilla Experience

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Welcome Gamer on my Mod "New Life Experience"!
Thank you for taking a look on my Mod, if you like to play the Mod, pls download it here and hit the endorsement Button.
Downloading it here and endorse the Mod, would support me, to earn some Peanuts. I spend alot of my privat time to make a great Mod real. Thank you for reading this, and wish you alot of Fun with my Mod.

Join the Discord for Questions , Feedback and more.

Youtube Playlist (Progression of NLE)

Update 1.9.21 for Alpha 18.4 and A19Experimental is out now !

Working on the difficulty Part of the Mod and few VFX Changes / Balancing / New Content.

UPDATE: 1.9.21 (June,27 .2020)

Radio stacksize limited to 1 instead of 500

-Base Damage of Plutonium Units increased from 10 to 45
-Base Block Damage of Plutonium Units increased from 8 to 24
-Plutonium Nurse AoE Heal increased
-Cheerleader AoE Speedup Buff increased from +20% to +25%
-Base Regeneration of Plutonium Zombies increased from 8 to 24
-Bloodcoin & Hero Coin Rewards are overall Nerfed !
-Damage Resistance for Plutonium and Plasma Zombies increased
-Percentage Damage of all Plutonium Zombies increased by 80-200%
-Zombies HP scales now with the difficulty !
-Higher difficulty increasing EXP Gain depending on Difficulty. 7.5/15/25/33/50%
-Plutonoim and higher rated Zombies Bonus Damages scales with difficulty ! From 80 %to 300%
-Ghoul Walkspeed reduced
-Ghoul Damage reduced
-Ghoul Life Scaling reduced.
-Radiation and Plutonium Ghoul can drop Ammo Bundle from harvesting them.
-NEW Unit: Devious Politician. Mid Health , Low DMG , Can drop very Rare Mods (Very BIG Lootbag).
-NEW All: Zombie Bodys are Lootablte:
--Zombie Body contains:
--Currencys like Coin of Blood/Mining/Casio, Bottle Caps, Old Cash, Upgrade Tickets, also Acid, Epoxide Resin, Sulfric Acid and Electrolyte are possible drops.

Added a New Hand Item for "Plutonium/Plasma" Zombies.
Endgame Gunfire Weapon dealing much more DMG and has higher DMG Scaling depending on their TIER-LV and attached Mods.
NEW -Throwable Mine
NEW -Minigun Junk Turret (Unlocked by Luck/Inventor)
NEW -AP Shotgun Shell
NEW -Blood Probe (only Harvestable for Vampires)
NEW -Bloody Meat (only Craftable for Vampires)
--Excalipoor Changes:
-Damage decreased from 90 to 75
-Max Durability decreased from 7500 to 4000
-Power per Mod Upgrade reduced from 40% to 25%
-NEW, add attack speed per Mod by 5%
-NEW, add increased Stamina Usage per Mod by 20%

--Sledgehammer Changes:
Improved Stone: Damage reduced from 22.8 to 22
Tungsten: Damage reduced from 62 to 50 , Damage up per Mod reduced from 40% to 30% , Stamina Usage increased from 22 to 30(normal) and 28 to 45(heavy)
Warhammer: Damage reduced from 70 to 60 , Damage up per Mod recuded from 66% to 50% , Stamina Usage increased from 25 to 40(normal) and 40 to 60(Heavy) , Heavy Attack Damage increased from 250% to 400%
Vanilla Hammer improved

Vanilla/Mod Ammo/ Throwable Weapon:
Damage increased by 200 to 250%
(Vanilla)Junk Turret Damage increased from 6 to 25
--(Mod) Enforcer Turret Improved:
-More Basedamage (20)
-Better Damage Scaling per Tier (from 25-50%) to (25-100%)
-Better RPM Random Rolls (from -25% - +25%) to (-10% - +33%)

--(Mod) Enforcer Minigun Turret Improved:
-More Basedamage from 3.5 to 10
-Better Damage Scaling per Tier (from 20%-75%) to ( 20%-150%)
-Max Slots increased from 2 to 3
-Damage Buff per Filled Slot increased from 25% to 33%
--(Mod) Mini Nuke / Flash Nuke:
-NEW Overhauled VFX with Sound.
-New Nukes got a total Rework.
-Damage applies after the Explosion, but Enemies should get very strong slowed and Stunned at the Impact Point.
-Players get blinded if they go to close the the Impact Point, makes it impossible to use any item while blinded.

Combat Shotgun Ammo Rework:
HE Shotgun Shell:
Damage increased to 80 splittet into 4 Pellets
Shell is Exploding on Hit, dealing AoE Damage and set enemies on Fire for 3 Seconds.

AP Shotgun Shell:
Base Damage set to 60 splittet into 12 Pellets.
Can penetrate about 3 Enemies.
Reduced Armor by 40%

--Gun Overhaul:
All Endgame Guns dealing now more Damage and have better Scalings with Mods!
Endgame Guns have now Dmg per Mod scaling increased from 25/33% to 60/75%
--10mm Pistol / Agitator| Increased Reloadspeed by 20% per Mod
--10mm Pistol / Agitator| Max Slots increased from 4 to 5
--Hades SMR | Gain +10 Magazin Size per Mod (Max +40)
--Hades SMR | Gain +1 Base Damage per Mod (-2 before , +2 now)
--Combat Shotgun | increased Burstcounter and Magazin Size by +1 per Mod
--Combat Shotgun | Max Slots decreased from 5 to 4
--Combat Shotgun | Reduced Recoil per Mod by 20%
Plutonium Demolitions now Spawn after 400GS and are very Dangerous also Tanky as Hell. Take Focus on it or LOSE YOUR BASEMENT :P

Soulbound - gives lesser dmg/atk speed
Assassin - Bonus Dmg reduced from 50 to 20%
Frenzy - Attackspeed Bonus reduced from 50 to 30%
Fridge - Chance to applie reduced from 20 to 10 and Stun Duration increased from 1 to 2 Seconds
Instigating - Damage Bonus against full Life Undeads decresed from +200% to +150%
Rapid 2 - Bonus Firerate decreased from 60 to 40%
Atoms Judgement - deals 95 lesser dmg on Engine Tools.
Rageplosion - Trigger Chance increased from 3 to 5%. Also Damage depends on Player Level
LV1-30: 100 Damage
LV31-60: 150 Damage
LV60-90: 250 Damage
LV90-120: 400 Damage
LV120-149: 600 Damage
LV150:    800 Damage

Poisoner - Damage increased from 12Flat Damage to 20 Flat Damage and 2.5% of Max HP.
Sacrificial Blade - "Bleeding" Damage increased from 8 per Second to 2% of Max HP per Second
Sacrificial Blade - "Poison" Damage increased from 10 per Second to 45 + 1% of Max HP
Plasma Infused - Chance to 1shot Undeads increased from 0.5% to 1%. Added Chance to 1Shot Elite and Boss Unity by 0.25% Chance !
Sanctum - Changed from "Heals 1 Life every 60 Second" to "Heals 1 - 10 Life every 60 Second depent on your LV (1-200)"
Sanctum - can be Combined with Other Healing Mods !
NEW -Energizer (Bonus Movespeed while handling a Baton)
NEW -Overload (Triggered the Baton stun AoE)
NEW -Olympus (Dealing %Dmg to Enemies and restores Stamina)
NEW -Skin Ripper (Dealing Bonus Dmg against deadbodys and increased Harvesting Skills)
NEW -Adamantium Claw ( Knuckles get more Durability, Applie all Bleeding Debuffs, has more Dmg and can Executre enemies)

PvP Skills are now working in PvE too.
Max LV reduced to LV150.
leveling is a bit faster as before.
get 2 Skill Points per LV instead of 1.

NEW Humanity Skills (Page 2):
Forgiveness: Reduced XP Penalty after Death.
Pressure: Increased Gun Reloadspeed while low Life.
Zap: Increased Baton Damage and Attackspeed, also allowed Baton to charge up more stacks for DMG Bonus
Execution: Batons special Attacks consumes more Stamina but also dealing more DMG.
Vanguard Corp: Unlocks a new Baton and special Mods only for Batons.

NEW Mutation Skills:
Vampire Blood - Get Life for attacking Zeds or Dead Bodys. Can harvest Blood Probe from dead bodys to craft bloody meat. also increased healthreg at night
Lycanthrope Blood - Can smell Zeds at night (marks them with red spot). Dealing 300% Dmg with Knuckles and 100% faster attacks. Applied infected wounds to make them vulerable.
Troll Blood - Get alot of bonus Life and bonus dmg with blunts,clubs,sledge weapons but deal lesser dmg with all other types of weapons/tools. Can charge a Skill to deal tons of Dmg on a large Area.

Loottables are updated and some very rare Resource drops now with higher amount.

----- INFO -----
(I)New Storyline by Quest coming soon.
(I)New Prefabs to explore coming soon.

For Ideas/Wishes and Feedback. Write down a commentary on the following Link: